FHM Magazine Features Business Entrepreneurs Skylar and Tracy Lear

Jan 13, 2024

FHM Magazine highlighted the incredible successes of entrepreneurs, Skylar and Tracy Lear and their rise from entertainment and modeling to launching successful businesses: VoilaVe for skincare, Origami Craze, Lit Flips and their newest venture, BTS Media Production, a hybrid production, finance, and venture investment company.

The dynamic brother and sister, Skylar and Tracy Lear are profiled in FHM for their outstanding business successes and savvy.


With extensive backgrounds in modeling and entertainment, the two went on and expanded to managing and growing several brands in diverse industries.

They are close siblings who work very well together and credit each other and the lessons their accomplished parents taught them for the success their brands and companies have achieved.

“Beauty, Business, and Blood” three words are the motto that these two siblings live by.

They are well known for their work in E-commerce, Technology, Filmography, Production, and the Digital Creator space. The siblings have been featured on As Seen on TV as well as Forbes and other major media outlets. They complement each other by respecting and representing both a man’s and a woman’s perspective in their business ventures and representing family values. Both siblings are dedicated to helping others succeed through coaching and advising others to always strive to be their “Best Selves”.

Skylar is a bodybuilder, model, travel enthusiast, and athlete. He was born in America to Richard and Diane Lear. With his sister, Tracy, he co-owns a skincare brand, VoilaVe, which focuses on products that are cruelty-free and organic. He has written many articles on fitness and health care that are published in “Men’s Fitness” and the online magazine “Thrive Global”. His motto is “Never Give Up”.

Tracy s a highly educated, inventive, and creative woman who is a multi-talented American Actress, Model, Producer, Life Coach, Nutritional Counselor, and a Beauty and e-commerce entrepreneur. In film, Tracy is confirmed on official IMDb, in commercials, music videos, movies, and reality TV shows as an Actress, Model, and Film Producer. She’s had the privilege of working with and knowing some of the best in the film industry.

Indeed, it is the diversity of the industries they are engaged in that is one of the most important and impressive aspects of their successes.

From skincare and beauty with VoilaVe to origami with Origami Craze to fun, innovative footwear with Lit Flips to their latest venture BTS Media Production, a hybrid production, finance, and venture investment company, they have staked positions into many niches and market segments.

Their extensive array of brands is controlled by the Lear’s’ central holding company, Emagine Products.

Emagine is a clever name for this innovative and visionary company as they imagine and evolve, winning business strategies and companies.

With expertise in e-commerce, they have parlayed their knowledge to grow their own brands assist and other entrepreneurs in making strides in growing their businesses.

In terms of e-commerce, they have vast experience in different leading E-commerce platforms, such as Amazon and Shopify. They have developed the flexibility to succeed with their store powered by Shopify or a big third-party e-commerce hub like Amazon.

Skylar said, “We recognize that e-commerce is going to continue to grow exponentially and we are very well positioned as e-commerce continues to grow.”

As they look to grow and expand their business empire, they also look to give back and coach and mentor other budding entrepreneurs.

Skylar and Tracy have always been happy to share their experience and business insights, consulting, coaching, and mentoring to other businesses and entrepreneurs.

“We want to pass on what we have learned and help other entrepreneurs succeed,” stated Tracy.

It is their forward-thinking versatility and flexibility in their management philosophies and practices that have allowed them to make a significant mark in the business world, and this looks only to be the start.

Tracy said, “As much as the schedule allows, the goal is to coach and mentor budding entrepreneurs and share with them leading-edge strategies on promotion and e-commerce as much as possible.

Brand Management and e-commerce expertise have their brands and companies poised for more success.

Look at the entertainment industry for Skylar and Tracy to have their next big impact with BTS Media Production. It is a hybrid production, finance, and venture investment company. BTS’s film and television series develops, produces, and finances original stories. Its venture arm invests in innovative media companies. Across everything, BTS is committed to providing world-class directors, confident investors, and renowned producers.

Skylar and Tracy Lear are inspirational business leaders who are making a difference.



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