Fee Defender Removes Payment Processing Charges For Auto Repair & Maintenance

Dec 23, 2022

Are cashless payment expenses hurting your bottom line? With the powerful Fee Defender(TM) technology from KickFees, you can streamline your operations with zero upfront charges.

Fee Defender Removes Payment Processing Charges For Auto Repair & Maintenance

The beauty of this technology is that you can integrate it with your existing POS platform, and it will send you an instant refund if you’re being charged any junk fees. If you want hardware as well, the company offers smart terminals, card readers, a mobile application, payment links, or virtual terminals, with zero upfront cost.

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Considering events of the past 2-3 years, you’re probably looking for ways to improve business efficiency. Eliminating payment processing fees is a great place to start. KickFees POS hardware and Fee Shield (TM) technology are designed to do exactly that.

A recent report from Pew Research highlights the extent to which our cashless economy is growing. As of 2022, 41% of those surveyed did not use cash for any purchases during a typical week, compared to 29% in 2018, and 24% in 2015. Similarly, only 14% of respondents now state that they use cash as their main payment method.

Given this trend, KickFees states that you are going to see more and more payment processing fees. The firm’s latest solutions have been developed to remove the expense of accepting credit cards, and its proprietary Fee Shield (TM) technology can find any undeclared processor charges and give you a refund.

The enhanced Fee Shield (TM) system is available for integration with your existing point of sale system, or can be incorporated into the full KickFees platform. The firm also offers its payment processing devices at low monthly rental rates, with the goal of removing the significant expenses you would pay for a new system.

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About KickFees

Combining over 30 years’ experience in payment processing systems, KickFees was established with the stated aim of defending you against unnecessary expenses. The company’s solutions are designed to support a variety of business types, including retailers, QSR food and beverage, trade and repair outlets, and companies offering maintenance services.

One business owner recently stated: “KickFees saved us time, helping us streamline our processes, and their Fee Defender technology also saved us a lot of money. We’re very pleased with the service.”

KickFees helps your business join the cashless economy without unnecessary expense.

Request a free demo today. Check out https://kickfees.com/book-a-demo so you can learn more.

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