Fast-Track Authority Building With Strategies From This Course For Consultants

Oct 10, 2023

As a consultant, would you like to gain 5 new high-profile clients every month? Would you like to create “easy yes” offers that consistently convert? Then you need the Instant Authority Engine course from Michael Driggers Jr..

As a new consultant, your main challenges are most likely:

  • Gaining new clients
  • Converting leads
  • Getting referrals

To overcome these hurdles, you could spend hours posting on social media and slowly building a following that might get you one or two leads.

Or, you could take Michael Driggers Jr.’s Instant Authority Engine Course and start getting up to 5 premium clients every month!

The training is suitable for consultants and coaches across all industries and teaches you how to incorporate a framework that will build your personal authority and improve your brand’s market position.

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The lifeblood of your consultancy business is your clients themselves, with referrals being a powerful marketing tool for building trust, visibility, and credibility. However, if you are a new consultant starting out in your field, you can often struggle to reach the tipping point for gaining new clients through your existing customer base.

“Subject matter experts, when finally deciding to open a consultancy, encounter a new problem in the form of a lack of authority, which hinders them from growing their business,” Diggers explained. “This is what my program addresses.”

With the training course, you will first learn why your brand and industry authority are key factors for building up your consultancy business. This includes the ability to capture the attention of your target audience as well as being able to stand out from your competitors.

You can then start incorporating the Instant Authority Engine’s teachings into your business through the use of Mike Driggers’ 3-Step Process. This includes training on crafting “easy yes” offers, how to consistently attract and close premium clients, and how to get featured in the media.

With over 30 years of experience in the entrepreneurial industry, Michael Driggers Jr. has been a key figure in the training and development of over 100 coaches and consultants. This experience has allowed him to gain key insight into both what does and what doesn’t work when building a business, which he has distilled into his Instant Authority Engine course.

Best-selling author Jill Lublin said of Mike’s training, “His practical ways to becoming a high achiever in business and in your personal life through his simple-to-use principles are a must-have, and I highly recommend you learn them now.”

Get your consultancy business seen by the right audience and start converting premium clients with Michael Driggers Jr.’s Instant Authority Engine course!

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