F65 Vs F63 Treadmill Comparison: Evaluate Pros, Cons & Fitness Features

Jun 14, 2024

Looking for the perfect folding treadmill to kickstart your fitness journey or take your workouts up a gear? Compare the F65 and F63 from SOLE Fitness with this full guide!

You don't know what you're missing until the first time you experience a session on your folding treadmill before neatly packing it away. Or maybe you do if you're already looking for the best folding treadmill for your home or apartment. SOLE Fitness has you covered with this detailed guide - listing all the key features of the F65 and F63 models!

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Level up your home workouts

There is a growing trend for people preferring home workouts over gym visits, SOLE Fitness explains - a development backed by data from CivicSciense, showing 52% of US adults fall into this category. SOLE Fitness is catering to this audience with its practical, space-saving folding treadmill options, which allow you to enjoy a walking or running session before storing the treadmill out of sight.

While there are numerous similarities between the F65 and F63, the F65 is more geared toward experienced fitness enthusiasts, SOLE Fitness explains.

What's the difference between F65 & F63?

Bluetooth connectivity is a key feature of both models, and each has integrated speakers so you can connect your smartphones. However, the larger 7.6-inch LCD screen is only available on the F65 treadmill, allowing for easier tracking and monitoring.

SOLE Fitness also outlines the cost differences between the two models, with the F65 treadmill retailing at $1499 and the F63 at a more economical $1199.

Additional details are provided at https://www.soletreadmills.com/collections/treadmills

Access the SOLE+ app for amazing workouts

With every purchase, you get access to the SOLE+ app, which provides you with a range of workout programs, tracking capabilities, and connectivity options, enhancing the overall fitness experience.

A spokesperson states: "Each one of our fitness products comes standard with hundreds of free fitness video classes covering basic to advanced routines. Our workouts are made for all levels and range from 10 minutes to 60 minutes. We utilize heart rate metrics and data from your equipment across all of our workouts to help you work out smarter."

Don't just settle for any old treadmill this year. Find the ideal option with SOLE Fitness!

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