Extend Online Visibility Beyond Physical Location: AI-Driven GeoPin Tech

Jun 4, 2024

If you run a services business, you’ll most likely want to appear in search results well beyond your immediate physical location. The unique GeoPin technology from Local Everywhere makes it possible.

Be Visible Anywhere You Choose

The localization systems used by Google make it super difficult to appear anywhere except your immediate physical area. Local Everywhere uses AI-based technology to generate content and publish across many platforms, boosting your presence in any region.

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Whenever you receive a sales call or complete a job, simply take a picture and dictate an entry in the Local Everywhere app. The system then creates a case study that’s linked to that geographical area, which makes your business more visible in local searches.

As you’re probably aware, search engine localization focuses only on businesses in the immediate area that a search is being carried out. This limits your ability to reach millions of potential clients, and Local Everywhere is designed to break down those unfair walls.

“Prospects may find you online from your parking lot, only to have you disappear a few miles down the road,” a company representative explained. “Local Everywhere solves this problem effortlessly with GeoPin Technology. Simply take a picture with your phone, dictate a comment, and Local Everywhere will handle the rest.”

What About Google’s Service Area Business?

Google’s business profile terms provide options for those companies who visit clients at their home or premises, known as Service Area Businesses, as well as those who work from a storefront and also make client visits, known as Hybrid Businesses. However, companies listing as a Service Area Business are limited to 20 cities, counties, or zip codes, and many report that they are still not visible in local searches.

As Local Everywhere explains, creating unique content for different locations is one method to build organic visibility in other areas, but this can be a time-consuming and difficult process for most small businesses. The new technology offers a ‘done-for-you’ solution designed to build your visibility in any area that you want to promote your services. 

About Local Everywhere

In addition to localized content, Local Everywhere offers several additional functions, including 24/7 customer service and sales, automated review generation campaigns, and audience engagement in 95 languages. The platform is also designed to be affordable for all sizes of business. 

“After using GeoPin technology, we’ve significantly boosted our local presence in multiple areas,” one client recently stated. “This has led to a 70% increase in client enquiries, which is now driving the growth of our company.”

For a simple and cost-effective way to build your visibility in many locations, contact the team at Local Everywhere.

Check out https://localeverywhere.ai so you can learn more.

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