Experts Meet to Discuss the Latest Social, Legal and Ethical Implications for the Egg and Sperm Donation Industry

Feb 10, 2017

The Seattle Tacoma Area Reproductive Society (STARS) is hosting an educational dinner this month to discuss the latest social, legal and ethical implications in the egg and sperm donation industry.

Diana Thomas, CEO of The World Egg Bank (TWEB) will join a panel of renowned experts at the next Seattle Tacoma Area Reproductive Society (STARS) Educational Dinner on February 9, 2017. The event is presented by Seattle Sperm Bank and will feature expert discussions on the latest social, legal and ethical implications in the egg and sperm donation industry. Other members of the esteemed panel include Seattle Sperm Bank’s Compliance Supervisor, Angelo Allard, along with Raegen Rasnic, Attorney and Shareholder of Skellenger Bender and Melanie Mikkelsen, Counselor & Donor Liaison of Seattle Reproductive Medicine at Spokane.

Diana Thomas is Founder and CEO of TWEB based in Phoenix, AZ. As one of the oldest and most respected egg donor banks in the world, TWEB sets high industry standards for egg quality and in cultivating close relationships with egg donors and recipients. TWEB’s singular focus is on egg freezing and last year expanded their operations to include an in house retrieval facility. This has shown to further improve egg quality by providing consistent and better controlled monitoring, procedures and environment. TWEB’s donor roster includes over 400 donors and currently holds thousands of eggs available for immediate shipment.

Diana is also the proud mother of three boys born from donor eggs. Her personal experiences in the egg donation process has helped her craft TWEB’s unique approach to egg donation, egg banking and in providing the guidance and direction to intended parents worldwide.

“We love what we do at The World Egg Bank. Having had personal experience with egg donation, I understand the needs of both the donors and the recipients. Our goal is to focus on providing quality eggs, giving our donors the appreciation they deserve and in helping to create families,” said Diana Thomas, CEO, TWEB.

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As members of respective reproductive health care teams, STARS’s mission is to provide quality patient care on a continual basis, to improve patient care results from continued education, networking with colleagues, and sharing up to date reproductive endocrinology and infertility breakthroughs.

Diana Thomas explained, “I appreciate the opportunity to participate on this panel. Improving results and quality in infertility options is a primary focus of The World Egg Bank. Since opening our in-house retrieval center, our outcomes clearly illustrates the benefits of better controls and consistent procedures. I look forward to both sharing our experiences at TWEB as well as hearing from other experts in the industry.”

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