Experts Explain Why More B2C Small Businesses Use Facebook For Digital Marketing

Aug 19, 2021

With Facebook advertising all the rage for small businesses, the online training center for startups Crucial Constructs takes an in-depth look at which social media platforms are most useful and how small businesses should use them.

Does your business use social media for marketing? Do you know how effective it is?

Crucial Constructs, an online resource and training provider for business startups, has launched a new report analyzing the prevalence of social media marketing among small businesses.

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As online presence becomes an increasingly important consideration for businesses of all sizes, the recently launched discussion piece takes a look at recent statistics relating to social media marketing and its application to smaller organizations.

In the first instance, the author highlights that 92% out of 300,000 respondents in a recent survey agreed with the phrase “social media marketing is important for my business”. However, the report notes that many of the participants may have had a specific interest in the topic of social media, suggesting that you might not be able to rely on those numbers.

Crucial Constructs also examines which social media platforms are most popular among small business marketers. It might come as no surprise that the company cites Facebook as the dominant approach, but the company also states that other services such as Twitter are growing in popularity. The author advises you to remain aware of the new advertising features being offered by platforms other than Facebook, as these may present you with new and unique opportunities.

Referring to the Social Media Marketing Industry Report, Crucial Constructs next examines the differing approaches of business-to-business and business-to-consumer ventures. The author notes that, while Facebook is the preferred platform for B2C companies, LinkedIn has a larger share of the B2B market.

Of most interest if you own or manage a small business, the report then discusses the success-rates for social media marketing campaigns. While the popularity of Facebook as a marketing tool for small businesses, particularly B2C, can’t be disputed, Crucial Constructs suggests that many small businesses are unable to effectively evaluate how successful their marketing efforts have been. The report highlights the importance of well-defined goals and measurement tools when you are considering a new marketing approach.

The new report continues to examine a further 8 statistics and indicators in the social media marketing space. You can find the full report, in addition to the full back-catalogue of complimentary industry reports, on the Crucial Constructs website.

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