Expert Financial Advice For Retirees In Hoffman Estates, IL To Minimize Taxes

Feb 13, 2024

How will expected changes in tax laws impact your retirement? What about evolving interest rates, can your plan leverage emerging opportunities? Talk to the experts at Goldstone Financial Group (630-620-9300) in Hoffman Estates for the best advice on retirement planning.

Is 2024 the year you'll retire? Maybe you've been in retirement for a while now, and you're wondering if it's time to revisit your financial plan. After all, the markets are improving, and while interest rates are finally stabilizing changes to the tax laws are coming down the pike.

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Hoffman Estate's most trusted fiduciary says that in light of changing markets, fluctuating interest rates, and tax laws destined to sunset in 2025, now is a good time to rebalance your portfolio, explore potential Roth conversions, and ensure you have a firm understanding of your tax bracket and its implications on strategic financial choices.

If it's been a while since you confirmed your retirement plan is delivering on your goals, talk to an expert at Goldstone Financial Group. Building a financial plan that supports a secure and enjoyable retirement is a multi-step process that should remain fluid, because as financial markets change, so will your strategies.

The experts at fiduciary firm Goldstone Financial Group are here to arm you with the best advice on meeting your retirement goals now.

Here's what a spokesperson for the firm had to say, recently:

“Uncertainty about how inflation and interest rates will impact retirement is a huge source of stress for many people. We’re here to alleviate that stress by helping retirees and those nearing retirement build and maintain a robust, goal-oriented retirement income strategy.”


Goal-oriented portfolio diversification in step with evolving markets is always advisable. For example, did you know that with the Federal Reserve poised to reduce interest rates, fixed-income returns - which have remained negative since mid-2020 - are expected to take a positive turn? If your portfolio is light on this asset class, talk to your Goldstone advisor about perhaps rebalancing your investments.


Roth IRAs offer both you and your beneficiaries all kinds of advantages. If you're between 55 - 72, consider converting a portion of your traditional IRA to a Roth IRA to leverage available tax benefits. You can also discuss rolling after-tax money sitting in your company retirement account over to a Roth IRA instead of cashing out to minimize taxes and avoid penalties.

And don't forget that the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 expires at the end of 2025. This means now is a good time to gain a solid understanding of your tax bracket so you can adapt or craft your tax plan strategy accordingly.

You needn't feel rudderless when planning your retirement. With help from the advisors at Goldstone Financial Group, you can create a strategy that delivers a steady and reliable income in step with evolving tax laws and regardless of market fluctuations. You've worked hard for a fun and worry-free retirement. Make sure your money is working just as hard for you.

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