Expert Diagnostic Services Near Rock Island: Medical Health Screenings Available

Jul 10, 2024

Not feeling great? It can be tempting to research your symptoms yourself. But what if you lived near an urgent care clinic with on-site diagnostic services? If you’re in Rock Island, you do. Call Amana Care Clinic at 563-388-7000 today!

Here’s a diagnosis for you:

When you’re in need of medical care, you deserve more than a quick band-aid and well-wishes. You need an accurate picture of exactly what’s wrong - along with an effective treatment. Amana Care Clinic offers just that, with expert diagnostic services and urgent care in Davenport.

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You rightfully expect a high standard of healthcare, and Amana Care Clinic delivers on that front. The clinic is ready to diagnose your medical condition before recommending further treatment. How? By using advanced screening equipment alongside x-ray machines and blood testing devices.

Tired of waiting?

The pressure on crowded ER rooms at local hospitals is evident - and wait times are higher than ever. Amana Care Clinic has a solution with its simple reservation system. You want to get in and out without taking your entire day away, after all - and now, you can book readily available care near you.

“This neighborhood needed a clinic to meet the medical care needs of residents and businesses,” explains Amana Care Clinic. “Sign in online to save your spot, or walk right in. You will be seen by an expert compassionate provider and receive quality care in a timely manner.” 

Amana Cares.

Its staff can evaluate a wide range of conditions using its lab machines. Whether screening your blood for signs of underlying issues or detecting fractures and broken bones, this team is here to find out what’s wrong.

Once your specific ailment has been diagnosed, Amana Care Clinic’s team will provide targeted treatments to alleviate your symptoms. As an all-round healthcare provider, the clinic can help you with:

  • Common diseases
  • Sports injuries
  • Lacerations 

And much more - confidently addressing your medical issue on-site. 

Your trusted clinic…

Established in 2015, Amana Care Clinic is an expert source of diagnostic consultations and urgent healthcare, much loved by the community. Its locally-owned Davenport branch is easy to reach for residents of Bettendorf, Rock Island, and Moline - with its professionals pledging their support of the Quad Cities region.

One recent patient said of their experience with Amana Care Clinic: “I was passing through Davenport from out of town when my 18-year-old became unexpectedly ill. The staff were quick, friendly and patient with him. The facilities were super clean and professional and the wait was short. He was diagnosed and we were on our way again in less than an hour.”

Want your medical needs met?

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