Expert Cloud Identity Management Consulting: Get Powerful Azure Solutions

May 9, 2023

Azure IAM can build powerful custom security and access management solutions to meet your cloud-based or on-premise network needs.

Cloud technologies have allowed unparalleled advances in collaboration and data storage, but those advances have not been made without certain tradeoffs. While most cloud systems are by their very nature extremely secure, especially when end-to-end encryption is involved, no cloud-based storage system can claim 100% safety. This is largely due to relatively recent developments by cybercriminals which focus not on the outdated notion of hackers gaining backdoor access to a network, but rather on impersonation, phishing, and social engineering. These sorts of attacks are difficult to defend against, as bad actors may gain access to the network through means that at first glance appear legitimate.

However, despite the sophisticated nature of these attacks, there is already a wide range of solutions that you as a network administrator can use to build a defense. Namely, these solutions come in the form of cloud access management technologies, and no company has been as instrumental as Microsoft in the development of these solutions. Unfortunately, for many administrators, integrating these systems can be difficult, leading to many companies and organizations staying with older and less secure technologies longer than is recommended.

Azure IAM has seen these problems and engineered a solution. As a network administrator, you can enlist the help of their experts to design and implement custom cybersec solutions for your cloud network.

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The consultancy's qualified team of security architects can build dynamic and passwordless security ecosystems to meet your cloud-based and on-premise network monitoring needs. Their solutions have so far been used to protect high-value data for federal-level clients, but many of which can now be used by smaller companies and organizations.

Azure IAM’s catalog of solutions includes all products from the Microsoft Azure suite of security technologies, such as Azure Active Directory, which can serve as a home base for a client’s on-premise security. Other solutions include Kerberos Single SignOn, OpenID, and OAuth, among others.

Each of these solutions provides unique capabilities when establishing streamlined verification and access management systems. Azure IAM specializes in building around these technologies to create an unobtrusive yet highly secure verification system requiring minimal interaction from the end user.

Many of the systems that Azure IAM has built in the past have been created to deal with the problem of disseminated identity, or rather, the idea that a single user may have multiple accounts on a single network. Through their implementations, these multiple identities can be consolidated for security verification purposes, boosting both accountability and authentication speed.

In addition to these cloud access management solutions, the Azure IAM team is also certified to help you migrate your data onto newer, more flexible systems. For example, companies still using MIM for their security needs can migrate seamlessly to Sailpoint or Azure technologies while preserving on-network digital identities.

Azure IAM consultants closely follow the development of standard-setting technologies so that as soon as they are available to the consumer, they are added to their catalog of solutions. Contact their team right away and get the best cloud verification tech available!

The Azure IAM team has expertise in all things verification, and has previously worked as Microsoft consultants. This means that they have the knowledge necessary to build with Microsoft technologies while recognizing where those solutions can be bolstered by third-party solutions.

Contact Azure IAM to discuss your security needs and get a custom quote for cloud access management solutions!

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