Expert Ann Arbor Concrete Surface Repair Contractor Boosts Your Driveway’s Life

Jul 2, 2024

The best driveway repair is one that delays the NEXT repair well into the future. Waltz Concrete does exactly that – call 517-605-8184 to have your gravel, asphalt, or concrete driveway restored and strengthened.

Driveway Damage Meets the End of the Road…

Your driveway has far too much work to do without those annoying, dangerous cracks. It’s there to hold your vehicle and add to your home’s pristine look - you don’t want any problems. Address driveway damage now with the help of Waltz Concrete and its expert repair contractors.

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Waltz Concrete applies advanced techniques to restore your driveway with a proven repair procedure. This professional concrete provider has seen it all - and the team is ready to fix cracked or worn-down surfaces while improving their resilience.

Is your driveway made from gravel, concrete, or recycled asphalt? No matter your driveway’s material, Waltz Concrete’s pros are up for the job - using specialized equipment to repair and maintain any driveway they come across.

What’s ailing your driveway? Choose your (least) favorite.

There are many forms of damage commonly seen on driveways, including: 

  • Sinkholes;
  • Cracks;
  • Bulges.

Unwelcome, every one of them. Why do they appear? Sometimes the answer lies in plain old erosion - but did you know that expanding tree roots are often to blame? No matter the cause, of course, they’re all major problems that need to be addressed quickly.

“All of these issues can pose safety risks to cars driving over it,” says Waltz Concrete. “They can also negatively impact the overall curb appeal of your property - lowering its value. When damage occurs to your driveway, it’s important to repair it and not let it go unattended.”

Tired of booking driveway repairs? Who could blame you?!

You need your driveway to withstand the local weather and support the weight of your vehicle - that means you’re looking for both strength and durability. Without those, your newly repaired surface might need work again in the near future.

Concrete is a great choice.

According to these Ann Arbor contractors, professionally-laid concrete will potentially last up to 30 years or more! As such, it’s the perfect material to help you reduce your future driveway repair costs. See you in three decades, repair bills!

Waltz Concrete is a great choice, too

With more than two decades of experience in Southeast Michigan, Waltz Concrete is always here to support your local community.

Alongside driveway repair and replacement, you can trust this team's professional home addition services - spanning site preparation, excavation, and retaining wall construction.

“My cracking and crumbling old driveway needed some help,” said one prior customer. “The Waltz Concrete crew took what was an eyesore and created a beautiful new concrete driveway. Their experience put me at ease, and they assured me that the new driveway would last much longer and look better than the previous one.”

Drive on, damaged driveways - there’s a better surface in town!

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