Expert AC Replacements In Phoenix: Top Contractor Ensures Correct Installation

Mar 22, 2024

Correct AC installation makes all the difference when it comes to reliability and long-lasting performance. If you’re replacing an AC system in Phoenix, Clark Heating and Cooling (602-793-2477) ensures the job is done right.

Protecting Your Investment

Replacing an air conditioning system is not cheap, so the last thing you want for it be installed in a way that shortens its lifespan. Clark Heating and Cooling has built its reputation on quality, and they have hundreds of 5-star Google reviews to prove it.

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Based in Peoria, this locally owned company serves the entire Phoenix metropolitan area and can install both home or large commercial AC systems. They also offer HVAC repairs and maintenance, so all your HVAC needs are covered under one roof.

You may not realize, but an incorrectly installed AC unit can lead to excessive vibration, premature motor failure, and poor performance. A replacement AC unit is a big investment, so it’s always best to have it installed by a reliable contractor like Clark Heating and Cooling.

The Long-Term Impact Of Bad Installations

An AC unit that is not level/plumb can cause blower wheels and fan blades to become unbalanced, which causes excessive stress and reduces their effective lifespan. In addition, a system that is not level may have drainage and condensation problems, which can also cause damage to internal components.

The team at Clark Heating and Cooling don’t cut corners, because they understand the full range of problems that can happen as a result. They take great pride in hearing a new system purring from the very first operation, which is exactly what you want from a contractor.

“When we install new AC units, the biggest determining factor on how well that unit will hold up, perform and prevent the least amount of breakdowns is a quality installation,” a company representative explained. “Our installers know how important a quality installation means. We enjoy doing a great install and watching it perform properly on start up.”

About Clark Heating and Cooling

A locally owned and operated company, Clark Heating and Cooling aims to differentiate itself from large organizations and franchises by offering exceptional customer service and the highest standards of workmanship. The firm attributes its continued success and growth to this approach, with over 200 5-star reviews now on its Google-My-Business profile.

“Clark Heating and Cooling fit us in to install a new AC unit very quickly, and the technicians were very polite and hard-working,” one Phoenix homeowner recently stated. “We could not have asked for a better service, and I would highly recommend this company.”

If you’re planning to replace an AC system in Phoenix, call Clark Heating and Calling and rest easy knowing the job has been done right.

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