Experienced Regina Fake Grass Company Installs Maintenance-Free Synthetic Turf

Jul 6, 2024

If you want a new artificial grass lawn or landscape, and you want it in a matter of days, then you need to call the synthetic turf installation experts at Lazy Lawn (1-888-622-5296) in Regina, SK.

Though it should always be a cinch, getting a quote from a company for a project you have in mind can sometimes be like pulling teeth! Thankfully, there are companies out there like Lazy Lawn that have made the process incredibly simple. Their online booking and DIY estimate tool will give you an idea of what your artificial grass installation project will cost in a matter of seconds.

Go to https://artificialgrass.lazylawn.ca to try the DIY estimate tool out for yourself.

Plan Your Project NOW!

The online booking and DIY estimate tool allows you to get an instant quote for your artificial grass installation project in just four easy steps. All you have to do is enter your address, select your installation type, choose your turf variety, and enter your contact information.

“Once you have completed the four steps, our system generates an estimate for you within 45 seconds,” explained a spokesperson for Lazy Lawn. “In less than a minute, you get an accurate total cost for your project calculated using the square footage of your property and your preferred installation and turf selections.”

Easy Installation!

Lazy Lawn has streamlined its installation process with you in mind. Now, their technicians remove and dispose of any existing grass or soil, lay down base layers of substrate, weed barrier, and bedding, install the artificial grass over top, and then fill it out with OptiFILL artificial infill.

Four Awesome Turfs!

Lazy Lawn currently offers four types of maintenance-free synthetic turf for you to consider. If you want lush, natural-looking turf you can choose their Lemongrass or Natural Fescue varieties, but if you're seeking a durable, high-performance solution you can opt for their Kentucky Blue Lite or Spring Fescue varieties.

All four turfs are made from UV-protected polyethylene and polypropylene materials and are held together using special glues, nails, and seam tapes. What makes each of them unique is their distinct blade shapes, colours, thatches, pile heights, and face weights. They can also be customized with designs and graphics.

All Kinds Of Applications!

The grasses can be used in residential, commercial, and recreational settings. Homeowners choose them because they remain lush and vibrant all year round with minimal upkeep. In commercial spaces, they provide attractive landscaping solutions, while in sports arenas, playgrounds, and other high-traffic areas their durability and weather-resistance make them preferred surfaces.

"We couldn't be happier with Lazy Lawn's installation of our Natural Fescue artificial grass," said a satisfied customer. "From DIY estimate to final walkthrough, the entire process was a breeze. Plus, the turf looks just like real grass. We would highly recommend them for all your fake turf needs."

Get a free, no-obligation quote by visiting https://artificialgrass.lazylawn.ca

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