Experience a Flatter belly by just saying Words! A never seen before change!!

Nov 19, 2022

With a flatter belly, everything seems better, clothes look better, you Feel better, happier and healthier. It’s an instant Confidence booster! There’s a very good reason why.

Experience a Flatter belly by just saying Words! A never seen before change!!

Have Celebrations to attend but worried about clothes turning tighter this December? The festival munching has taken a toll on your belly? Be it any stage of your life, teenage, adulthood, perimenopausal, menopausal, or midlife crisis, a flatter belly is key to feeling good and confident!

With a flatter belly, everything seems better, clothes look better, you Feel better, happier and healthier. It's an instant Confidence booster!

There’s a very good reason why.

Our Belly has an extremely important connection with our self worth, our confidence and how we feel about ourselves.

In the chakra system, the Manipura Chakra or the Solar Plexus is located at the navel. It translates to ‘a lustrous gem of the city’ or ‘a precious gem’ and is directly connected to our sense of self. Metaphorically, it can also be understood as our treasure house of self worth, well being, personal power, self esteem and purpose. Even the ancient science of Yoga and the scriptures back this knowledge .

You might’ve experienced how a stomachache, a digestive problem or even a minor inconvenience in our belly creates chaos in our life? You don’t feel confident enough, as if the whole foundation is disturbed. And with just the belly feeling better, you feel good, confident and have a high self worth.

Even our weight has a lot to do with how we feel, our emotional health and wellbeing and certainly our self esteem. Because looking great, with a stunning hot bod is all that we want at any given time of our lives, irrespective of our gender. We all wish to look stunning in that gorgeous outfit we’ve been eyeing on in that store, but stop from buying as we hope to shed some weight, get a flatter belly before putting on that LBD.

And then comes the cycle of all sorts of workouts, gym sessions, jogs and runs, crash diets, lifestyle changes, cutting on that carb intake, sometimes even to the extreme extent of medications, just for that bulging belly to go away.

And all of this takes a toll on our health, as anything we do, be it diets, gyms, lifestyle changes are all intensive and extensive, that is they require us to put in great efforts, time and energy. And with the busy lives we all lead, be it a corporate job or a business venture, we just can’t make enough time for it, and all of these workouts, crunches, push ups don’t usually come naturally to us, but we do it because we want a flatter belly.

Women usually experience bigger bellies during the time around PMS, when our bellies don’t behave the way it does normally, making us feel bigger, bloated and heavier. And perimenopause and menopause are just an extensive and much more intensive version of PMS, wherein our clothes feel tighter, and our bellies feel bloated.

Men, too experience similar effects especially during their middle age, when the belly feels protruding, bigger and heavier. It is usually due to the midlife crises caused with responsibilities taking over, pressure and stress making us feel heavy and the lack of time with our own selves takes a toll on our bodies. Although the way it happens for men and women might be different, the effects felt are much more similar.

But what if I tell you that your Flatter belly is just a few words away! Yes you got it right, Just a few words! How incredible it is to feel your abs crunch without having to do a crunch or a pushup.

Experience the results of a diet, without actually going on a diet, experience results of gym workouts without hitting the gym, experience a flatter belly with this Revolutionary technology of The Decrees making waves all over the world, as thousands of people have experienced a flatter belly in seconds and minutes by saying one or two words. in seconds and minutes by saying one or two words, Yes, you read that right!

When I first came across this, it just blew my mind and I am going to give you a taster of this right here on this blog!

To understand better, The Decrees are action statements on steroids or mantras in English that work in SECONDS! Cosmically charged commands, they work as we speak them, in seconds and the results they bring in too come in seconds. There can be absolutely nothing which is more simpler or easier or quicker that The Decrees, for these which comprise of one, two, three or four words, is the language of the 5D, redefining our lives in 3D to help us have happier, healthier lives! Where affirmations need to be repeated 30 times a day for 30 days or more to show results and even then it’s not guaranteed, this new methodology works instantly.

Bollywood superstar Vidya Balan swears by it!

Could there be anything more simpler than this? Try this technology yourself, right here right now;

Just say


10 times

(Leaner! Leaner! Leaner! Leaner! Leaner! Leaner! Leaner! Leaner! Leaner! Leaner!)

and see how your body reacts.

You might feel your abs crunch, a feeling of a workout, body getting warmer or heated, or a tingling sensation in your belly.

Repeat, if you can handle it or just do it again tomorrow.

Hit reply, let me know how it made you feel- I have shed two pounds in two weeks of doing this intermittently, naturally started eating healthily and my belly is definitely flatter!

There are more words like these. Excited Be and join the Flatter Belly with Words Masterclass on 23rd November 2022 at 6:30pm IST and 7:30am ET.

Hundreds have experienced this crazy work. It's your turn now! Register here Free, for the call worth ₹9,900 and US$ 122 https://mailchi.mp/themysticlotus/10secwkout and receive a gift of the LEANER mp3 and get the replay too.

Imagine, if just one word can create such a difference, what would happen if you got to experience more of this technology with the OG owner herself, Nidhu B Kapoor. I can’t wait for you to have the same results as me!

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