Expense Savings Platform Helps Career Transitioners Lower Bills & Utilities

May 26, 2024

You can save big on your bills with Recession Resister. Their expense savings platform is helping people across the US lower their expenses so they can budget better.

Whether you’re out of work because you’re hoping to transition to a new career or because you’ve been made redundant, Recession Resister is confident they can help you through these lean financial times with their powerful expense savings platform.

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A Bill Saving Solution For Career Transitioners

With the help of Recession Resister, if you are in the process of changing jobs or careers, you can now lower your monthly bills and expenses.

Recession Resister calls their smart budget sustainability solution Bill Saver. The goal of Bill Saver is to ensure that you can always pay your bills, even if you are in between jobs, retraining or struggling to find work.

A Fast Way To Lower Your Expenses

You can upload your bills quickly onto the Recession Resister website and then simply wait a few days for their team to audit and negotiate your bills for you.

With Bill Saver, you can have years’ worth of prior bills audited and their team will search for any errors or overcharges that can be refunded to you. They will also negotiate with all your service providers to secure a better rate for your services.

A spokesperson explained, “You know the saying: ‘Ask and you shall receive.’ Your service providers have been banking on the fact that you won’t ask. Our expert negotiators know who to talk to and what to say to negotiate savings on your essential monthly services.”

The team at Recession Resister is confident they can secure better rates for you on your energy, phone, internet, satellite, TV and security bills.

A Cost-Effective Way To Negotiate Your Bills

There is no upfront cost to try their services. Recession Resister will simply split the savings they bring you. This means that if they can’t help you secure a better rate or find any refunds through the auditing process, they won’t charge you anything.

One happy New Jersey user who has started taking advantage of Bill Saver said, “Between my mom and I we uploaded 8 bills and in over about a year or two they’ve saved us over $2,500 collectively. We found money and didn’t even know we were getting overcharged.”

If you’re in the Northeast, you are also encouraged to inquire about their pilot energy auto-switching program which has collectively saved customers in Connecticut, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, New Hampshire, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island over $1 million on their power bills.

--> Recession Resister is confident they can help you save, and with their no-risk, ‘no-save, no-pay’ model, there’s no reason not to upload your bills at https://recessionresister.com/ 

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