Expense Saving Tool: Bill Auditing & Contract Negotiation For Displaced Workers

May 24, 2024

Recession Resister is on a mission to help you save with their no-risk expense reducing solution. They can audit and negotiate all your monthly bills for you, so you can put that money to better use.

If you’re a displaced worker, you are probably feeling like your career, job prospects and financial situation have slipped beyond your control. Thanks to Recession Resister, you can gain a bit of control back with their no-risk expense management and savings service.

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Lower Your Expenses & Maximize Your Savings

Called Bill Saver, Recession Resister’s new expense saving service has been created to minimize your monthly bills and outgoings, especially your energy bill—which tends to be a major cost for most households and individuals. 

By tackling your main monthly bills, including electricity, but also phone, internet, TV, satellite, security, and more, Recession Resister hopes they can reduce your expenses significantly and therefore maximize your savings potential.

Trust Recession Resister To:

Get Your Bills Audited

Bill Saver works in two main ways. The first is through auditing, where the Recession Resister team will audit years’ worth of previous bills checking for any overcharges or mistakes that can be refunded to you.

As they said in their own words, “Your utility providers aren’t looking out for you, but we will. On average, 80% of US customers are being overcharged on utility expenses, and you have a right to get that money back!“

& Get Your Contracts Negotiated

To ensure that you don’t pay any more than you have to going forward, Recession Resister will also contact your service providers and renegotiate your contract and rate with them. Because their team works with bills every day, and represents thousands of clients, they both know the best market rates and have collective bargaining power... which means they are confident they can help you save.

Recession Resister added, “You know the saying: ‘Ask and you shall receive.’ Your service providers have been banking on the fact that you won’t ask. Our expert negotiators know who to talk to and what to say to negotiate savings on your essential monthly services.”

Bill Saver, A Cost Saving Solution For People In Financial Need

Because Recession Resister has created Bill Saver for those people who need to save money most, they offer all their services on a contingency basis with no upfront cost, and they will only deduct their fee from the savings they generate for you.

If you are currently unemployed or finding it difficult to pay your monthly bills, Recession Resister encourages you to try their no-risk service.

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