Expense Saving Program Helps Job Loss Victims Lower Monthly Bills & Utilities

Jul 5, 2024

Thanks to Recession Resister’s Bill Saver, job loss victims can cut down their bills and expenses and put that much-needed money toward their savings.

If you’re spending your days on the demoralizing task of applying for job after job, scouring Indeed, LinkedIn, and Glassdoor, Recession Resister knows you don’t possibly have time, or the mental space, to scour for better deals on your basic bills. But the good news is, they do.

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Recession Resister Announces A New Way To Save

Recession Resister is pleased to be bringing you a new way for you to save on your monthly bills and utilities.

If you have always believed that these bills are an expense that you cannot avoid, Recession Resister wants you to know that more can be done to bring the cost of them down.

An Expense Saving Program For Job Loss Victims

Recession Resister offers Bill Saver for job loss victims in response to the rising problem of unemployment.

Sadly, the unemployment rate has continued to increase US-wide this year, up to 4% in May, meaning there are now roughly 6.65 million Americans just like you who are out of work.

The expense managers and budgetary advisors behind Recession Resister appreciate that your job loss probably came out of the blue and that it has probably left you scrambling to make ends meet while undertaking the arduous task of looking for new employment.

That’s why they have created Bill Saver to be a simple and cost-effective solution to high expenses that can save you both time and money. 

Get Your Bills Audited & Renegotiated By Expense Management Pros

Through Bill Saver, you can have all of your monthly bills and utilities audited by bill-saving experts who will search for any errors and overcharges that can be refunded to you. They will also negotiate with your service providers to secure a better rate for you.

Because the expense managers and budgetary advisors at Recession Resister know the market well, they can use this knowledge and their collective bargaining power to drive down the prices of your core services, like energy, water, internet, and more.

Maximize Your Savings Simply With Bill Saver

All you need to do is use Bill Saver’s simple online interface to upload your bills and then wait a matter of days to hear back from Recession Resister’s auditors.

“Bill Saver saves you money without wasting your time,” said a member of their team. “Now you can save the money you’re overpaying and spend it on things that matter.”

Happy users who have signed up for the service have reported saving upwards of $1,000 annually on their bills, and in the rare case that Recession Resister cannot bring you any savings, they won’t charge you anything for their time or effort.

Bill Saver really is a better way to save.

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