Expense Saving Program For Engineers Audits & Renegotiates Bills & Utilities

Jun 21, 2024

Thanks to Recession Resister you can save on your expenses and start saving much more for yourself. The bill auditing and negotiation pros are confident they haven’t met a bill they couldn’t beat!

If you’re an engineer, you might be asking yourself why you can build a bridge or skyscraper, but you can’t save on your cell phone bill... the answer is, you can, you just need a little help from Recession Resister.

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A Smart Expense Reducing Program For Engineers

Created by a team of your fellow engineers—plus some financial analyst gurus—Recession Resister’s new smart expense savings tool is called Bill Saver, and it has been designed to offer you an effective way to audit, analyze and reduce your monthly expenditure

Recession Resister knows that there is a prevailing perception that engineering is a highly paid profession. However, they also know that while engineers do typically out-earn technicians, the pay is extremely variable and depends on both the type of specialty you have pursued and the market demand for it.

That’s why they have decided to turn their engineering skills to developing this smart expense reducing program.

Lower Your Costs & Maximize Your Savings Potential

If you are struggling to find a highly paying position, one which eclipses the significant rises in cost of living, you’re going to love Bill Saver. Bill Saver is a smart two-step program that will allow you to have your monthly bills swiftly audited and then renegotiated.

The premise behind Recession Resister’s Bill Saver is not only that people’s bills are increasingly expensive, but that they don’t have to be. As a recent study by Business Insider showcased, millions of Americans are currently overpaying $60 billion annually to their service providers.

Smart Data Analysis Meets The Best Contract Negotiation

As such, using a combination of algorithmic data analysis and human auditing expertise, Recession Resister will scour years’ worth of your prior bills searching for overcharges that can be refunded to you. They will then use their same smart program to model the best possible rates for you and then take these numbers directly to your service providers to negotiate on your behalf.

“Technically, you could do what Bill Saver does yourself, but our innovative technology platform and team of experts has saving down to a science,” said a spokesperson for the engineering team at Recession Resister. “We like to think of ourselves as the smartest customer in the market as, with our help, you can save money, time and hassle! With Bill Saver, you know you’re not overpaying, and we do all the work for you.”

The best part is, Bill Saver is now available to you with no upfront cost.

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