Expense Management Tool For Non-Profits Improves Financial & Energy Efficiency

Apr 12, 2024

Recession Resister can optimize both your financial efficiency and energy efficiency. The expense managers are pleased to be a friend to all non-profits that want to reduce their bills and spend more on what matters.

With Recession Resister, you can make both immediate and long-term savings on your costs and overheads. In addition to renegotiating your energy, gas and water bills for a better rate, they will also reduce your raw usage to bring you further cost reductions. 

Stop paying too much for the utilities that power your non-profit and see how much you can save this month, for the rest of this year and for every year after that at https://recessionresister.com/ 

A Solution To Save You Time & Money

If your non-profit operates on a very lean budget and with the smallest amount of personnel possible, you probably don’t have the manpower to really audit your own expenses or to take time scouring the internet for better deals... and that’s where Recession Resister comes in. 

With their two-pronged service, they will:

  1. offer you their expertise in bill auditing and negotiation
  2. bring you their energy auditing and optimization assistance. 

Audit & Negotiate Your Bills For Big Savings

Recession Resister will analyze years’ worth of your prior bills to find any overcharges or billing errors in your favor and have them refunded.

They will also use their industry knowledge and collective bargaining power to drive a harder bargain with your utility providers and secure a more beneficial rate and/or plan for you.

Optimize Your Energy Usage For Even Bigger Savings!

Beyond these initial bill-cutting measures, Recession Resister’s team can also help you audit your energy usage and then optimize it. 

As the expense managers explained, in 2024, energy is one of the biggest overheads for non-profits and businesses in all sectors in the US. Their spokesperson said, “Energy costs can range up to 15% of a business’s or non-profit’s operating expenses. That’s a significant cost to your operation.” 

That’s why the bill savers have partnered with the Madison Energy group to give you the chance to pilot some of their innovative energy-efficient technology, including their smart HVAC systems. 

A Risk-Free & Cost-Effective Solution

Like all of Recession Resister’s services, this auditing and optimization service comes with no initial upfront costs, and you can choose to keep using the service or not, based upon how much money you save. 

Their spokesperson added, “Your usage before and after the equipment will be installed, tracked and you will receive a report to show you exactly how these patent-pending products can save your business or non-profit money by reducing your energy consumption. If you don’t like the results, you’re under no obligation to move forward.” 

With big monthly and annual savings on your bills, you can put more money towards your important charitable work.

Go to https://recessionresister.com/ to find out how.

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