Expense Management Service For People Facing Job Insecurity Lowers Costs

Jun 26, 2024

Recession Resister can audit your expenses and bills finding real ways for you to save. If you’re facing job insecurity, this is a risk-free way to improve your finances.

A better budget and big savings await you with Recession Resister, the fastest-growing expense management service in the US.

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Enjoy Financial Security Even When Facing Job Insecurity

Recession Resister is pleased to be bringing people who are facing job insecurity, like yourself, a greater sense of financial security with their new bill and expense management service.

Called Bill Saver, their smart expense management tool involves taking a comprehensive look at your main bills and utilities and identifying ways to make savings.

The team of experienced financial auditors at Recession Resister can analyze almost all of your standard household and personal bills, including big bills like energy, water, cellphone, internet, TV, and more.

A Complete Expense Management Solution

Their team will evaluate your bills going back years to identify errors or overcharges that they can request to have refunded. Through this auditing process, they will also analyze your usage over time so that they can either recommend a new more cost-effective plan for you or renegotiate with your existing suppliers.

The goal of Bill Saver is to give you both insights into your expenditure and actionable tools to cut it down.

Try Energy Efficiency Auditing For More Bill Savings

If, like most people, energy bills are one of your biggest monthly costs, Recession Resister also offers an energy efficiency auditing tool.

Through this audit, they may recommend changes like adopting their energy auto-switching program, which will involve reevaluating your energy plan each year and switching you automatically to the provider with the best rate on the market.

“If you live in any of our active deregulated energy markets, you could be among our thousands of customers who have collectively saved more than $1 million,” said a member of their auditing team.

The financial auditing and expense management firm may also recommend that you switch to solar via their unique community solar program.

“Another great option is that we’ll connect you with a local solar farm so you don’t have to install panels to reap the benefits and savings that come with the use of solar energy at no cost to you,” their spokesperson added. “Our community solar customers get credits on their utility bills that equal savings of up to 10% on their bill.”

An Affordable & Cost-Effective Service

Recession Resister will do all their auditing, negotiating and advising on a contingency basis with no up-front cost to you. In order to make money from providing their expert services, they simply deduct their fee from the savings they bring you.

Or, in the very rare case that they cannot bring you any savings, they won’t charge you anything for their Bill Saver service.

Trade job insecurity for financial security with Recession Resister. It’s a no-risk, big-win service.

Upload your bills today at https://recessionresister.com/

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