Expense Management Service For Grocery Stores Reduces Operating Costs & Bills

Jun 21, 2024

Bill Saver is Recession Resister’s new bottom line-transforming expense management and budget sustainability service for grocery stores. Upload your bills today to see how much you can save!

If your bottom line is being eaten away by bills, Recession Resister has a smart new solution called Bill Saver, which does exactly what it says: helps you save money on your bills.

Their team is waiting to audit and negotiate your bills for you at https://recessionresister.com/

Manage Your Expenses & Increase Your Profit Margins With Recession Resister

This smart expense management service will help you reduce your expenditure on your core bills and utilities like:

  • energy,
  • telecommunications, including the internet, landlines and cellular plans,
  • water and sewer,
  • waste management,
  • pest control,
  • security, and more. 

Recession Resister has created Bill Saver with small and independent grocery stores like yours in mind. They appreciate that yours is a challenging business model, with a high turnover of goods and specific operational needs. They also appreciate that it is often a low-profit one. As a recent industry report on IT Retail described, profits for most grocery stores today are “razor thin,” with the industry average just 1 to 3%.

Thankfully, if you are feeling the squeeze, Recession Resister can bring you an efficient and cost-effective expense management service that will reduce your basic operating costs and overheads.

Get Your Bills Audited & Renegotiated

Whether for the electricity that powers your lights, freezer systems and HVAC, or for the pest control that is essential to keeping your store up to code, Recession Resister is confident they can bring you significant savings on your monthly expenses.

With Bill Saver, you only need to upload your bills to their easy-to-use online platform and then their team of bill auditors and negotiators will begin looking for places to save. This typically involves both getting previous overcharges refunded to you and renegotiating your contracts with your service providers to secure lower ongoing rates.

Improve Your Energy Efficiency For Even Bigger Savings

Recession Resister can also offer you a more advanced and comprehensive energy efficiency auditing system. Depending on the region of the US you are located in, this can involve both signing up for an energy auto-switching plan, whereby you will be annually moved to the provider offering the best rate on the market, and adopting new, more energy-efficient technology.

Recession Resister has partnered with The Madison Energy Group to offer you energy-efficient HVAC systems and compressors for your walk-in fridge/freezers. Under real usage, these systems have been proven to reduce energy bills by between 10 and 30%.

The most impressive part is, Bill Saver is available on a contingency basis. This means that Recession Resister will only deduct their fee if they can secure real savings for you, making this a no-risk and high-reward way for you to enhance your budget sustainability.

Sign up for significant savings today at https://recessionresister.com/

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