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Jun 18, 2024

Top Rated Hearing Care Provider Rebrands to Match their Mission: HearBest

With a remarkable 4.9 rating and over 1000 reviews, Hearing Solutions of Indiana has a highly satisfied clientele. But how does the company maintain such exceptional results for their patients?

The answer lies in the compassionate and comprehensive audiology services that Hearing Solutions of Indiana consistently provides to each and every patient.

In addition to full diagnostic evaluations, these experts provide consultations, hearing aid selection, fitting, and comprehensive hearing health care. Other services include wax removal, tinnitus treatment and a second opinion program, which consistently results in improved performance for those who have received less than exceptional care elsewhere.

“We combine the best hearing technology with the highest expertise for a fantastic combination resulting in exceptional hearing care,” says Michael Olson, CEO of Hearing Solutions of Indiana. Michael has a successful track record for healthcare leadership of organizations centered on the aging population, and is highly skilled at marketing and business development. He continued, saying “However, we believe there is only success if there is teamwork, so we stay absolutely focused on our mission. We are committed to helping Indiana communities stay connected with the best hearing results through life-changing technology partnered with premium hearing care.”

The owners, Dr. Judy Olson, AuD, and Michael Olson, MBA, give credit for the high ratings to their team and their highly effective approach to patient care. Dr. Judy has worked in a variety of healthcare settings, including hospitals, medical groups and private practice. Her expertise is even sought out by hearing aid manufacturers seeking to understand how to better provide great results for patients.

Dr. Judy, who has herself suffered with hearing loss for over 25 years, is passionate about the expert care given to every patient who comes through the door. Her own use of hearing aids gives her a unique insight into the needs of her patients.

Her team of hearing care providers are trained in the most advanced fitting protocols and continue to improve their skills using the most current technologies available. In addition, the entire team is trained on providing great hospitality throughout the hearing care journey. The result is a modern approach to patient care, allowing for optimal results. For this reason, the Olson’s have recently announced that the company is rebranding to better align with their mission. The company’s new name is absolutely applicable: HearBest.

HearBest understands that the most common challenges facing patients involve difficulty staying connected with their loved ones and the world around them. On a daily basis, the company has patients coming in who received care elsewhere and did not get the help they needed. This team of experts provides top quality second opinions and re-fits hearing aids, ensuring optimal results. This is just one example of the credibility and trust that is earned from each individual coming in for care.

While they see patients every day in their 12 locations, they are especially proud of their senior outreach program. Each day more and more people are benefiting from their top-rated services as the team unites in their continued efforts to rise to the occasion in Helping You Stay Connected™

As technology changes, HearBest consistently trains their provider team to ensure their patients hear best in all situations. Their commitment to changing lives and making a positive community impact is evident in all they do. Because of this unified dedication, they’re prepared to treat every patient like a guest, and provide them with an exceptional hearing care experience at every level.

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