Excento Beauty Announces Exclusive Partnerships with Girlactik and Roselisa

Dec 2, 2023

Excento Beauty announces strategic partnerships with two beauty brands, Girlactik and Roselisa. Girlactik is recognized for its appeal and influencers endorsements. Roselisa, known for its innovative lash care. This move aims to diversify Excento’s product offerings, combining glamour, quality, and specialized care.

Excento Beauty, a distinguished distributor in the North American beauty supply sector, is thrilled to announce strategic collaborations with two esteemed brands that are shaping the future of beauty: Girlactik, a name loved by top influencers, and Roselisa, innovators in professional lash care.

A Fusion of Celebrity-Endorsed Glamour and Expert Lash Care Solutions

Excento Beauty is elevating the shopping experience for beauty retailers by integrating Girlactik's luxury beauty must-haves and Roselisa's expertly crafted lash care treatments into its product offerings. This partnership promises to deliver a premium selection of influencer-endorsed beauty essentials and specialized lash care products to discerning consumers.

Girlactik: The Celebrity Makeup Brand Now Accessible to Beauty Retailers

Girlactik has cemented its status as the go-to brand for makeup artists and influencers alike, recognized for its luxurious, long-lasting makeup that delivers effortless glamour. Through Excento Beauty's partnership, retailers can now enhance their luxury beauty product lineup with Girlactik's sought-after collection, making the allure of celebrity-style makeup more accessible to beauty enthusiasts.

Roselisa: Bringing Professional Lash Care to Mainstream Retail

Roselisa has distinguished itself with a line of products initially reserved for lash care professionals. Now, with a shift toward the retail market, Roselisa is offering stores the chance to meet the growing demand for specialized lash maintenance products. This expansion is an opportunity for retailers to differentiate their offerings and attract customers in search of high-quality lash care solutions.

Excento Beauty: Curating Luxury Beauty and Professional Lash Care Products

Jess Malka, a seasoned beauty advisor at Excento Beauty, emphasizes that this dual partnership goes beyond expanding a product range. It is a strategic endeavor to provide retailers with a diverse selection of high-end beauty and lash care products, catering to the modern consumer's preference for professional-grade beauty solutions.

The Commitment to Excellence in Beauty Distribution

Excento Beauty is committed to redefining the beauty distribution landscape by empowering retailers with products that promise luxury, high performance, and innovation. In collaboration with Rebrandified Consulting, Excento is poised to reinforce its position as a leader in luxury beauty distribution, offering unparalleled support to retailers in marketing and brand positioning.

Explore the Enhanced Beauty Experience with Excento Beauty

For retailers eager to captivate their clientele with the latest in luxury beauty and professional lash care, Excento Beauty is the partner of choice. To discover more about the impact these partnerships will have on the beauty retail industry and to explore the exclusive benefits of collaborating with Excento, visit their website at https://excentobeauty.com/.

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