EVA By Synthesys AI Video Creation App Generates Professional Content From Text

Jul 2, 2024

EVA by Synthesys from Todd Gross is the perfect tool if you’re looking to create AI images, videos, or cartoon animations to make your content pop!

Thanks to EVA by Synthesys, the latest project from Todd Gross, you can create stunning animations, cartoons, and videos for your business in just moments. Forget having to juggle multiple sites or apps – everything is included in one easy-to-use dashboard!

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Connect to Canva for more features

EVA by Synthesys includes integration with Canva for advanced animations and designs, and can create video stories with scenes up to 16 seconds per video - all in 1080p video quality. Aspect ratios include 16:9, 9:16, and 1:1 so you can use the tool for vertical reels or TikToks in addition to standard landscape content.

The app can be used to generate animated short CGI films, B-roll videos for YouTube content, and motion backgrounds, allowing you to enhance your visual storytelling.

Create any style of content

Outputted video styles include cartoons, business advertisements, and teaser videos or trailers for upcoming projects    •perfect for content creators, marketers, and businesses.

EVA by Synthesys offers two primary pathways for content creation: you can either generate an image through the system and subsequently transform it into an animation, or begin with a pre-existing image as the foundation for your project.

It enables the creation of up to four chained scenes based on your prompts, offering continuity and advanced storytelling - so you can develop mini-narratives or multi-part visual sequences.

FaceSwap? Why not!

EVA also incorporates a FaceSwap feature, adding another layer of customization to the content creation process. You can edit the subjects in your videos by uploading new images, adjust character appearances on demand, or incorporate specific individuals into the generated content.

Discussing the potential of the AI tool, a spokesperson states: "EVA boasts the capabilities to bring your imagination to life in the form of video. You just have to think it, and you can see it in motion - it's the ultimate tool for marketers and content creators."

If you've always dreamed of creating Pixar-style animations for your videos or marketing material, you're going to love EVA!

Check out https://letsgolook.at/EVAbySynthesys to transform your visual content!

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