Eugene, OR Refractive Eye Surgery For Cataract Removal Improves Cloudy Vision!

Jun 25, 2024

Ready to get your bothersome cataracts removed? Pacific ClearVision Institute (+1 541 343 5000) in Eugene offers refractive surgery options to restore your damaged or cloudy vision.

Cataracts can sneak up on you - and they are definitely no fun! If you're tired of struggling with blurry or impaired vision, the team at Pacific ClearVision Institute can help.

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Cataract surgery options at Pacific ClearVision Institute (PCVI) include solutions for deterioration of eyesight due to natural aging, cloudy or blurry vision, and improvements to night vision.

Restore Your Vision

With a recent relocation from 1125 Darlene Avenue to 360 S. Garden Way Suite 250 in Eugene, the vision center continues to serve Oregonians, as well as clients from surrounding states.

Statistics from the World Health Organization show that cataracts are extremely common, both in the United States and around the world, as the condition affects the vision of about 17% of people within the general population. With a skilled team of physicians, Pacific ClearVision Institute helps restore eye health for a wide range of clients.

“Cataract symptoms can seriously interfere with the quality of life and your activity level,” says a spokesperson. “Although cataracts develop so slowly most people are unaware they are even forming, the good news is that they are one of the most common and easily treated causes of vision loss.”

Reverse Damage

The center explains that cataracts can also be connected to other medical problems, such as diabetes, injuries to the eye, medications such as steroids, long-term exposure to sunlight, and previous eye surgeries.

With decades of experience in performing cataract surgery - as well as LASIK eye surgery - the team provides an in-depth health assessment to determine if you are a suitable candidate for cataract surgery. They work closely with your primary eye care provider to help determine the best possible options and vision goals for your situation.

See Rapid Improvements

According to the center, cataract surgery has a high rate of success and can be completed in as little as 10 minutes. The operation is performed under local anesthetic with a specialized microscope and miniature instruments, without any needles, stitches, or patches. Improvements to vision are noted almost immediately in most cases.

Previous clients have positive reviews for the clinic's services. “My cataract surgery with Dr. Cherne was very successful,” says Martha K. “They take such good care of you at Pacific ClearVision. The physicians did a beautiful job and it was absolutely painless. I noticed a difference in my vision on the same day! I really recommend the center.”

Start your journey to better vision today with the friendly team at PCVI!

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