Etobicoke Zero-Emission Last-Mile Parcel Delivery Reduces Carbon Footprint

Jul 2, 2024

Experience the logistics difference with Koorier, Toronto’s leading last-mile delivery service. The company features a 100% electric vehicle fleet and takes pride in unifying the delivery process and creating risk-free package transits.

Do you have problems with your final mile delivery? Have you ever felt that big-name companies focus more on their bottom lines than on providing better experiences to you? You’re not alone. That’s why a group of like-minded logisticians created a better-for-all delivery service called Koorier.

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Going the extra smile

Koorier, a trusted final-mile delivery provider in Canada, offers all-in-one shipping services, including a logistics platform, an operations app, and a fleet of electric vehicles.

With a mission to design tomorrow’s delivery experience with innovative logistics technologies, Koorier is committed to setting new standards in the logistics industry. You are always assured that your packages are delivered safely and on time with a robust app that features order verification, address cleansing, geocoding, consistent auditing, and real-time tracking.

Rooted in empathy and environmental stewardship, Koorier elevates your expectations with cost-effective prices, innovative and future-ready logistics services, and exceptional customer service.

Precise deliveries

Koorier was created in response to other delivery services that do not prioritize the customer experience and continually raise prices. Koorier challenges the current oligopoly and is committed to delivering a better-for-all delivery service for drivers, brands, customers, and the planet. The company's own app helps drivers stay on track and prevent mis-deliveries. 

"We’re designing tomorrow’s delivery experience, powered by innovative logistics technologies. Despite our ambitions, we’re just a group of skilled friends working to unify the delivery process and create risk-free package transits for all Canadians," a company spokesperson said. "Above all, we’re humanizing shipping. So whether you’re shipping, tracking, buying, or driving with us — you’ll notice a few more smiles than usual. That’s because we work smarter, with a culture that breeds happier clients, customers, and drivers."

The secret to its success is its refined logistics process. Koorier has made every effort to significantly reduce overhead so that you never have to sell an arm and leg to send or receive packages.

Amazing tech for the road ahead

The Koorier app uses AI to determine the most efficient route to guarantee greater ETA accuracy. These routes are always generated in real-time, analyzing any supply chain challenges and potential delivery risks. This allows drivers to find proactive solutions and deliver their packages much faster. Further details can be found at

In addition, the Koorier app is designed to improve the customer journey experience. You can customize your order fulfillment policies, including how you want your proof of delivery (POD) to be written. The Koorier team also follows strict safe-drop and OTP protocols to ensure all packages are delivered safely and protected. This includes photo identification to confirm successful delivery and pickup.

It’s the complete solution you need to get your packages delivered and received!

About Koorier

Koorier is Canada’s sustainable last-mile delivery service, boasting a 100% electric vehicle fleet. The company is passionate about providing a positive customer experience while still offering dependable services.

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