Ethical Text-To-Speech AI Voice Over Platform Lets You Adjust Emotion & Tone

Jun 17, 2024

Introducing AI Studio: The ethical voiceover platform that seamlessly converts text to speech. The platform was built with the active participation of real, professional voice actors.

Tired of voiceovers that sound monotonous? Worried that your AI voiceover is costing the job of a professional voice actor? Now you don’t need to worry: AI Studio from Voices allows you to change the tone and speed of your voiceover AND it was created with the assistance of real, professional voice actors.

It’s a win-win situation for all. Check it out at

One-stop shop for all voiceover solutions

Leading voice marketplace Voices launched AI Studio, its text-to-speech platform that provides human-like AI voices with high fidelity.

AI Studio intends to revolutionize AI voiceovers for businesses of all sizes across all industries. The new platform offers a wide variety of human-like voice clones and changeable tones, such as conversational, excited, sad, or funny, to ensure you receive precisely the voice-over you need for your specific asset. In addition, the team explains that compared to other voice-over options, AI Studio was made with the partnership and assistance of real, professional voice actors.

A number of exciting features

AI Studio is designed to be a cost-effective solution for businesses looking for professional voiceovers for their marketing assets. You can choose from a wide variety of voices, all of which are clones of professional voice actors. You can also adjust the AI voice's speed, pronunciation, and tone to fully suit their script.

Whether you’re making a business presentation or a cartoon, AI Studio gives you the voice range you need to make your project a success.

Jay O’Connor, Interim CEO of Voices notes, "Nailing down AI’s ability to express emotion through voice is an incredible undertaking that we’re excited to see come to life. Retaining the authenticity of the human voice was a top priority for us when designing the platform. We’re really proud of the life-like quality of the voices and the platform’s ability to convey emotion through varying tones."

Ethical AI

The team at Voices took particular care in ensuring that their voiceover talent was actively involved in the creation and production process. They explain that AI Studio still gives voice actors the control they need, with voice actors able to set their own pricing in the AI Studio and establish a list of blocked words they don’t want their voice clone to say. This way, all professional voice actors maintain their agency.

O’Connor writes, "The way we work and the needs of customers are changing. Launching AI Studio means our clients now have access to more flexibility and options when it comes to voice solutions."

Voices is committed to the ethical development of AI. Its new platform is designed to help business owners receive the voiceover they need while still providing participating voice actors with their independence and creativity. To ensure that both parties benefit from every project, the Voices platform manages all licensing to guarantee that each project obtains the proper licenses.

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