Estate Planning Attorney Marketing & CRM Platform With Automated Lead Generation

Jun 21, 2024

Just because you’re a great lawyer doesn’t mean you’re great at finding clients or managing the ones you have. If you’re an estate planning attorney who’s tired of wrestling with admin and struggling to find clients, get Estate Practice Accelerator – your all-in-one SaaS solution!

Want to build your estate planning practice? Want to streamline your workflow and deliver more efficient services to your clients?

Get Estate Practice Accelerator for an all-in-one SaaS solution for identifying, engaging, converting, and retaining clients. The advanced yet intuitive platform offers you advanced automation for time-consuming admin tasks, covering everything from call scheduling to marketing and invoicing. More details at

The Ultimate Tech Stack

The software combines technologies to give you the tools you need to scale your business. Workflow automation, for example, allows you to implement marketing campaigns and labor-intensive fulfillment processes on autopilot, all of which can be tweaked and amended to adapt to evolving client needs and rising demand.

Market Demand

According to Kiplinger, 90% of Americans recognize the importance of writing a will and planning their estate yet as much as 60% have thus far failed to set these plans in motion. As the baby boomer generation reaches its twilight years, Cerulli Associates reports that a staggering $68 trillion will be passed on to the next generation, covering some 45 million US households.

Lead Generation

With these sums destined to change hands in the coming years, Estate Practice Accelerator helps you capitalize on the growing need for legal expertise and legacy tax planning services. The platform can generate leads directly from Facebook Messenger, Instagram DMs, TikTok ads, website chatbots, inbound calls, SMS, and marketing funnels. The software allows you to manage all these marketing strands from one interface.

Website Builder

You can also make use of the platform's website generator. A plug-and-play template means you can create a professional-grade site with a custom URL. You can customize all parameters including aesthetics and functions and edit as desired. All pages integrate seamlessly with Estate Practice Accelerator's built-in CRM features.

Easy Fulfillment & Calendar Syncing

The smart booking calendars are designed to facilitate the estate planning fulfillment process. Two-way Google integration also means you can sync the system with your existing calendars. Estate Practice Accelerator also offers electronic billing and document signing. You can send and manage engagement letters, contracts, and digital invoices with full visibility throughout the estate planning lifecycle.

Visibility & Data

Tracking and analytics are covered too. A spokesperson says, “Custom Sales and Client Pipelines allow you to track leads and clients at a glance, granting clarity to your processes and making it easier to spot development opportunities.”

AI Chat Assistant

Accounts comes loaded with an AI chatbot that has been taught all about the estate planning process which can be added to your website, social media properties, or SMS campaigns to bring leads into your marketing campaigns, warm prospects, and even book appointments.

Growing an estate planning practice has never been this simple. Reach your business goals faster with Estate Practice Accelerator!

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