Estate Agents Can Get Local Services Ads Management In London From This Agency

Feb 23, 2024

PPC advertising has been around for decades, but what Google doesn’t tell you is that it’s not the best option for businesses like estate agencies! Discover a better alternative with the help of AI Cerebral Marketing.

Google has evolved to a point where there’s now a service for any type of business out there. For advertising small businesses, there’s a service for that, too. But if you’re thinking PPC, try again because that’s not the correct answer.

PPC has been around for a couple of decades now, but what Google doesn’t tell you is that it's really not the best option for small service-based businesses with a local focus like estate agencies. And this is what AI Cerebral Marketing is looking to change with its specialized LSA service.

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Local Service Ads, or LSAs, are just another Google advertising product like PPCs. Unlike the latter, however, LSAs are designed specifically for local businesses such as plumbers, electricians, locksmiths, and similar service providers. LSAs also have the advantage of being shown above PPC ads and organic results, making them highly visible to users searching for immediate services in their area.

“Unless your website is fine-tuned for conversion and you’re up to date with digital marketing trends and tactics, your results with PPC can be a bit hit-and-miss, so you’ll be wasting a lot of money in the long term,” AI Cerebral Marketing explained. “In contrast, LSAs make people pick up their phones because they’re really hard to miss and they are only shown to people already looking for your expertise.”

One crucial difference of LSAs is that you pay per lead; not per click. This means you're paying for direct inquiries from people actively looking for your service and are ready to make a purchase.

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The cost of quality leads

Sounds good so far, right? So, what’s the catch?

The catch is the cost of a lead is understandably quite higher than what Google asks for clicks.

And this is why you need an agency like AI Cerebral Marketing

Fully managed LSA campaigns

AI Cerebral Marketing is an LSA specialist that will allow any business to fully maximize its ad campaigns.

As a managed services provider, it will ensure that your estate agency is accepted into the Google program and will be in charge of everything—bid spending, lead monitoring and filtering, analytics, and refunds for unqualified leads. "Our fully managed approach ensures that every call counts. If a call does not result in a sale, we’ll dispute it and get your money back, so you can spend it on a better lead," the agency said.

For estate agents and other service providers

While AI Cerebral Marketing is currently preoccupied with helping estate agents in London and across East Anglia, it is open to working with service-based businesses of all kinds in these areas. So, if you’re a joiner, builder, dentist, fitness trainer, pet shop owner, or an acupuncturist, the agency is ready to manage an LSA campaign for you.

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Stop wasting money on PPC and go with an advertising tool that’s designed for service providers like you!

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