Espresso Machine Maintenance Guide Offers Cleaning Tips For Lelit Mara X

Mar 15, 2024

If you’ve got your hands on the Lelit Mara X espresso machine, don’t miss this guide on how to care for and maintain it to ensure you always enjoy the best coffee!

Have you gone full hipster with the coffee and started to make your own espressos at home? Without proper maintenance, you'll notice the quality of your drink drop considerably – so use this EpicPresso guide for step-by-step instructions!

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You’ll be a maintenance master in no time

The popularity of home-brewed coffee surged during the pandemic, with a recent poll from International Comunicaffe revealing that 50% of Americans became a ‘quarista’ or at-home barista. Many ground their own beans and tried different varieties rather than relying on store-bought, pre-ground beans or instant coffee. But espresso machines can be confusing to maintain, which is why EpicPresso aims to simplify the process - with detailed guides on a range of popular makes and models.

The guide explains how to check for and tighten loose fittings, helping to prevent leaks in the future, along with tips for maintaining the correct pressure level. “Low pressure can result in under-extracted, weak coffee, while too much pressure can lead to over-extraction and bitterness,” a spokesperson explains.

Regular checks help to ensure great-tasting coffee

One of the most important elements to consider is cleaning the portafilter and basket, which is key for achieving a clean, flavorful espresso shot, the author explains - while neglecting this can lead to an unsatisfactory brew, marring the overall coffee experience.

Deep cleaning and descaling techniques are also covered, and the guide emphasizes the importance of using filtered water to minimize mineral content and impurities.

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EpicPresso has also published a detailed guide for the Profitec Pro 700 - another popular machine - covering daily, weekly, and monthly maintenance routines, and helping to ensure that you can keep your espresso maker in optimal condition for years to come.

“With its E61 group head and temperature stability, the Lelit Mara X is a favorite among coffee aficionados,” the spokesperson adds, discussing the importance of regular maintenance. “But even the finest machines need a little TLC. Our guide ensures that your machine can continue to produce that perfect shot of espresso, day after day.”

Demystify the cleaning and maintenance process so you can keep brewing coffee like a boss.

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