ERTC Application Help Online: Tax Experts Offer Eligibility Assessment & Support

Nov 20, 2023

An all-in-one ERTC solution is available for US businesses interested in obtaining up to $28,000 per employee in refundable tax credits.

ERTC Application, Open During Moratorium

The current moratorium by the IRS significantly slows down processing of new ERTC claims - but, contrary to a popular misunderstanding, it does not mean that application is no longer possible, explains Growth Management Group.

Yes, you can still apply for ERTC during the moratorium - you just have to make sure you're eligible, and that your application is 100% correct.

The best way to do that? Working with tax pros!

Full-Service ERTC Solutions For US Businesses

An experienced tax consulting company with over 19 years of experience, GMG offers complete solutions - from eligibility assessment to ERTC application.

The IRS moratorium and the ensuing guidelines signal the need for businesses considering applying for the ERTC to work with expert CPAs and tax professionals to determine eligibility and ensure their claims are qualified.

A significant problem has been the growing numbers of claims made at the pressure of unscrupulous marketing companies making unjustified promises to businesses who either did not qualify for the ERTC, or only qualified for a smaller refund.

Growth Management Group has extensive experience helping businesses across sectors access eligible tax refunds, and uses a strict eligibility check to ensure each business they work with qualifies for the ERTC.

ERTC Eligibility Criteria

As part of its latest update, the Group raises awareness of the eligibility criteria for the ERTC.

“For 2020, businesses must have either experienced a full or partial shutdown of operations during the year because of COVID OR had a 50% or more decline in gross receipts in any quarter,” explains the company. “You do not have to have experienced both of these qualifications but rather one or the other to qualify. For 2021, businesses must have either experienced a full or partial shutdown or a more than 20% decline in gross receipts in any quarter.”

For more information on eligibility and potential refunds, visit

Growth Management Group helps businesses across sectors determine their ERTC eligibility and file their ERTC application.

A free online ERTC calculator is available at

Check it out today and find out how much you could be qualifying for - and for expert application help, visit to get started!

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