Entrepreneur Is Offering Tax Prep & Business Formation Mentoring In Monroe LA

Aug 25, 2023

Get ready! Multi-faceted business mogul, Mashi Epting from Monroe, LA is now offering mentorship for tax training, healthcare management, and business formation.

When looking for a mentor, you need to find someone that understands your lived experiences. After all, you would want to work with someone who understands your personal needs and where you’re coming from.

It makes sense, right? You can’t expect someone who was born with a silver spoon to truly understand your struggles - even if they have the best intentions.

If you’re looking for a mentor that knows exactly how you feel, who has built her empire from absolutely nothing, then you need to talk to Marshi Epting.

Mashi Epting is a highly respected and multi-faceted business mogul who is committed to helping underserved communities improve their financial literacy and business management skills. In particular, Mashi works with clients in the healthcare and tax software industries.

Schedule an appointment today at https://whoismashi.com/

Mashi uses her personal experience in designing her custom mentorship programs. As a teenage mother raised in one of the most poverty-stricken neighborhoods in Monroe, LA, Mashi understands how a lack of opportunity can affect your career path. She worked harder than her peers and graduated from prestigious universities to achieve her master's degree to become a well-respected business mogul. She is now committed to helping others from less privileged backgrounds achieve success in their specific fields.

She is the perfect mentor if you’ve ever struggled with your past and background. Mashi understands how hard you’ve struggled and exactly what you need to move forward.

Mashi explains that her custom mentorship programs include a combination of guidance, motivational speaking, and providing opportunities and services, such as tax preparation, business formation and management assistance, and web development. Mashi works one-on-one with you to design a mentorship strategy plan that addresses your unique needs.

Still on the fence? No problem! You can attend one of Mashi’s regular Money Talk Conferences, called “Business 101: A 60-Day Success Training”, which is a comprehensive business training program.

Aside from her main business, Mashi also runs a 501(C)-servant leadership nonprofit called “May She Outreach”. Within this organization, Mashi teaches leaders of all business sizes and industries how to serve and lead for change. She explains that leadership is far more than just managing employees; rather, it is the embodiment of assertive action for the betterment of one’s community.

Mashi is also a highly sought-after motivational speaker, and she will be conducting a series of tours from September to November. Her first stop will be in Houston on September 17, 2023.

Mashi writes, “Why do you need mentorship with me? My mentorship caters to business-minded individuals seeking knowledge on taxes, marketing, business development, and other aspects of running a successful business. My company has grown from its humble beginnings by building and supporting other businesses, and now is a trusted provider of tax preparation services.”

Go to https://whoismashi.com/ so you can learn more.

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