Engravable Print Boxes For Wedding Photos Come With Personalized Flash Drives

Feb 16, 2024

Tired of spending all day shooting photos just to turn your work into a clickable link people will look at once? Turn to Lux Heirloom to deliver your work in timeless packages that are lifelong heirlooms.

Don't wait! Lux Heirloom is now offering 10% off any photographer's first order of its linen print or velvet print boxes that have become increasingly popular as album and USB delivery choices for wedding and baby photos.

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Beautiful, Personalized Print Boxes

linen print and velvet print boxes can fit up to 110 4x6" prints alongside their USB slots. Each also has a magnetic closure, ensuring that all deliveries reach clients in one piece.

The velvet print box can be purchased in either a cream or gray option, while the linen print box comes in a light or dark hue. Both can be further customized in various ways, such as by imprinting debossing on the box lid to feature either the client’s name or your brand.

The company offers further branding options within the box. For example, the USB flash drives Lux Heirloom sells can be engraved with your name, allowing the box itself to be totally focused on the client while making sure that your work is properly advertised to whoever sees the USB.

Customize Every Aspect of Your Presentation

The USBs come in two wooden 16GB options, maple or walnut, as well as a 32GB crystal and gold option. In addition to its print boxes, Lux Heirloom has designed five different glass boxes; these include gold, rose gold, and glass shadow options.

The many different options Lux Heirloom offers in colors and sizes allow you to create highly personal presentations that can match your own brand aesthetic while serving as timeless heirlooms.

If you want to deliver boxes and USBs that are entirely engraved with client names, you can buy a metal die with your logo engraved to place alongside the physical photos, ensuring continued advertisement of your work.

About Lux Heirloom

Lux Heirloom was created by a photography team that spent 13 years shooting weddings and delivering albums to clients. Frustrated by the increasing trend of all-online photo albums that led to a lack of physical photos that can be passed down as heirlooms, the founders created their own customizable print boxes, glass boxes, and USBs to help both photographers and families maintain their memories forever.

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