Energy-Saving Double Hung & Bay Vinyl Window Installation For Delaware Homes

Jun 25, 2024

Are those old, leaky windows letting too much heat in and out of your home? Replace them with Elevated Remodeling’s double hung vinyl windows! Call the company at (800) 672-8519 to learn more!

With summer on the horizon, you’re probably looking forward to a lot of pleasant days outdoors. But will the inside of your home be just as pleasant? Maybe you’re going outside so much because it gets way too hot indoors. If that’s the case, your old windows may be to blame. Never fear, though; Elevated Remodeling can replace them with their energy-efficient double hung vinyl windows! Reduce your energy bills, keep indoor temperatures more comfortable, or improve your home’s curb appeal - no matter what you want, these windows can achieve it! 

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The Cost of Old Windows

Old, inefficient windows account for roughly 25% to 30% of a building’s energy usage, according to the Department of Energy. Additional studies conducted by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory calculated that the resulting energy losses cost Americans roughly $45 billion a year. For this reason, it is generally recommended that homeowners replace older windows in their homes, especially if they were installed more than 15 years ago.

And if you’ve never had any new windows installed in your home, it may be time to consider doing that! 

Why Vinyl is Ideal

Now, there are certainly a lot of choices out there, but Elevated Remodeling says that vinyl replacement windows are one of the best for energy efficiency, as they are designed to minimize heat transfer. Because they are powerful insulators, they are effective at maintaining comfortable indoor temperatures regardless of the season. That means your HVAC system won’t be chugging all year long. It also means lower energy bills for you!

Another advantage of vinyl replacement windows is their low maintenance requirements. The material is resistant to rot, corrosion, and warping, making the windows suitable for areas prone to harsh weather events or extreme temperature fluctuations. Unlike wood, vinyl does not need to be repainted or stained, which will also save you money.

Window Replacement Experts

Interested in replacing your old windows? You can contact Elevated Remodeling for their installation services. If you prioritize ventilation control and ease of use, their double hung windows are the perfect choice for you; their slider and awning windows are also worth considering. 

If you want to maximize natural lighting instead, you can opt for picture, bay, or bow windows. And don’t worry if you want to install the window in an awkward location; the company can also freely customize the window shapes to accommodate any unique architectural features that your home may have. 

Speaking of customization, you have quite a few choices when it comes to the appearance of your windows! Elevated Remodeling’s products are offered in white or tan vinyl, with the option for black or bronze laminated exteriors. They also have cavalier oak or colonial cherry laminated interiors for a more natural look.

By the way, you also have free rein with the grid; you have the choice between the colonial, prairie, perimeter, and valance styles. And if you want to prevent insects and debris from entering your home, you can request screens, with the choice of either standard ½ screens or FlexScreen.

Not sure about the costs? You can contact Elevated Remodeling for a free quote. Have a little chat with their team, and you’ll learn about every option available to you that’s within your budget! Well? Elevated Remodeling sounds like the best choice when it comes to elevating your home, right? 

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