Energy-Efficient LED Growing Lighting Systems For Growers Increases Output

Jun 19, 2024

It’s not an easy time to be a grower with energy costs as they are. Luckily, indoor agriculture enthusiasts can turn to Superior LED Technologies for state-of-the-art grow lights that offer as much as 50% reductions in energy costs while improving yields!

Are your grow lights failing to deliver the kind of crops you'd hoped for? Are you watching your energy bills soar but with nothing to show for it?

Reinvent your indoor horticulture with Superior LED Technologies' lighting systems! More details at

A Happier Harvest

Get the next generation of crop lighting for a range of interior agriculture and greenhouse projects. The products are designed to offer you greater efficiency, reduced energy consumption, and improved yields.

Reduce Your Energy Consumption

With utility rates continuing to rise, the company's engineers have created systems that can decrease energy costs by as much as 50% to 75% according to third-party tests, allowing you to maintain crop output without large increases in your energy bills. Superior LED Technologies provides technical support at every stage of your growing journey, helping you identify the best products and setups for your crops with LED Lighting Strategy Sessions.

“The amount of lights you will need is determined by cultivation area and target intensity for your crop,” a spokesperson says. “Our team of engineers can easily help determine this quantity and provide you with a complimentary lighting plan.”

Blue-Rich Color Spectrum

The lighting range includes the Superior Peak 340w – a powerful, full-spectrum LED grow light that is designed to promote vegetative growth. With cryo-therm cooling technology, the 340w maximizes your airflow and minimizes microclimates. The product's blue-rich color spectrum also aids in the production of chlorophyll which means you get nice healthy stems and leaves.

Multi-Tier Cultivation

If you want to install a multi-tier cultivation system, the Superior Peak 680w is designed to optimize the performance of these types of setups while using 36% less power than comparable products and offering you reliable performance over the long term. Say hello to the new standard for 1:1 1000W DE HPS replacements.

Superior 1050w

For high-intensity cultivation projects and broader crop layouts, the Superior 1050w lights provide 75% more output and 60% more photons per watt than a DE 1 000W HPS system while weighing as much as 50% less than comparable rival products. The team can also advise on how you can take advantage of a variety of energy tax rebate programs across all US territories.


All lights in the Superior range are dimmable, giving you full control over the cultivation process. The company has patented its technology, reflecting its confidence in the durability and innovation it offers growers. The LED systems come with a five-year limited warranty for your peace of mind. Tests show the products deliver an average of 62,000 hours of runtime reliability. Superior's engineers also help maximize performance with on-site maintenance and repairs as needed.

For a bigger, better crop choose Superior LED Technologies!

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