Energy Efficiency Optimization For Hospitality Business To Reduce Expenses

May 31, 2023

With this energy optimization service, you get all the data and guidance you need to upgrade your systems and reduce expenses – creating the best experience for your business and your guests.

If you're struggling to juggle hotel operations and are drowning in expenses related to your energy use, Onsite Utility Services Capital is here to help.

They provide an actionable solution to rising energy costs across the country, with systems in place to address the efficiency and cost of electricity, heating and cooling, lighting, and more.

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The company provides Energy Savings as a Service, with turnkey offerings customized to the unique demands of your hotel or resort. Day-one measurable savings can be achieved because reductions are immediate, and the service offers off-balance-sheet flexibility to avoid impacting other core purchases.

According to recent industry data, there are 47,000 hotels in the US collectively spending $2,196 per available room each year on energy expenses. This has placed additional strain on hotel operators, demanding innovative approaches to manage costs effectively without compromising on guest experiences.

To that end, Onsite Utility Services Capital has developed energy efficiency programs to meet your needs. The turnkey service includes optimized electricity programs, water conservation approaches, lighting efficiency solutions, and advanced HVAC optimization. By adopting these measures, you can minimize waste, reduce energy consumption, and enhance sustainability practices.

The company provides a Fractional Energy Management program with expert guidance on strategies that align with up-to-date energy regulations and the most effective cost-saving initiatives. So you can get advice from an experienced Energy Manager without having to hire one full-time

The service also includes an energy benchmarking solution, enabling precise monitoring of energy expenditure. You can use advanced data analytics to receive actionable insights, allowing you to optimize energy consumption and drive further efficiency improvements.

A spokesperson states: "Finding the right energy efficiency solutions for your hotel is often either too confusing or outside your budget. Onsite Utility Services Capital removes both of those barriers, making it possible for hospitality owners and operators to achieve their financial and environmental goals through improved, profitable and affordable energy efficiency programs."

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