Energy Efficiency Lighting Upgrades For Office Buildings With No Upfront Cost

Nov 16, 2023

Onsite Utility Services Capital makes it easier than ever for you to save money on your office building energy bills. Get in touch to learn more about their energy-savings-as-a-service packages with zero debt or investment.

Are you worried about rising energy costs in your office building? What if we told you there was a simple way to save big – without any upfront investment or taking on debt on your part?

Yeah, no word of a lie… Onsite Utility Services Capital offers fully managed upgrades and maintenance, so you can save on your utility costs from day one!

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No-risk audits pinpoint the best saving opportunities

The service includes full office building audits to determine where the most impactful savings can be made. Older systems can be retrofitted by upgrading incandescent and fluorescent lights to advanced LED options, which require less maintenance and last longer.

In commercial office buildings, lighting alone accounts for 19% to 30% of electricity consumption annually, according to the team at Onsite Utility Services Capital. By upgrading to high-efficiency LED lighting and advanced lighting controls, you can cut lighting electricity use up to 75%.

The team helps you to thoroughly assess your existing lighting systems to determine the optimal retrofit solution. They install long-lasting fixtures that maximize energy savings by dimming or turning off lights when not needed. Onsite Utility Services Capital handles all aspects of the project, from design and engineering to installation and commissioning including supplying the capital for the project.

Full maintenance is included at no cost to you

Once the lighting is installed, the company will also monitor energy use and maintain the new lighting systems, ensuring persistent savings. With no upfront costs, debt, or operational risks, the service allows you to immediately cut energy waste and costs - and it requires no disruption to normal business operations.

The managed service means that you benefit from improved energy efficiency measures without needing expertise in lighting retrofits. In addition to the lighting aspect of the service, the full range of upgrades available spans water conservation, cost segregation, solar panel installation, and more.

Fritz Kreiss, Onsite's CEO states: "Because most businesses, facilities, and municipalities don't have the budget or debt-load tolerance to execute an energy-efficiency upgrade, Onsite Utility Services Capital has pioneered a sensible solution that delivers a complete end-to-end energy-efficiency upgrade that reduces energy consumption, lowers energy spend, and provides guaranteed savings - without the upfront costs or capital expenditure through their Energy Savings-as-a-Service platform."

Don't miss out on this opportunity to massively upgrade your office setup. Get in touch today!

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