Encourage Your Toddlers To Learn The Alphabet With This RK Johnson Kids Book

Nov 19, 2020

Are you looking for an exciting new children’s book to read with your family? Check out “Roxy Eats Her ABC’s” today!

This new pre-school book for toddlers is sure to encourage a love of reading in your little ones! Children will enjoy the illustrations, and follow along with the adorable characters.

“Roxy Eats Her ABC’s”, an educational new children’s book written by RK Johnson, has been launched. The book is aimed at pre-school children and toddlers and aims to help children learn the alphabet. It is well suited for any family or pre-school that wants to help children learn and bond together through reading.

You will find that “Roxy Eats her ABC’s” is a fun and educational book that is designed to help pre-school children and toddlers aged from 2-6 learn the alphabet. The book follows Roxy, a cartoon dog, and Koop, a cartoon cat. Koop the cat challenges Roxy and the story follows Roxy eating food that begins with each letter of the alphabet.

“Roxy Eats Her ABC’s” is available for Amazon Kindle as well as being available in paperback physical form. The book is 35 pages in length and in addition to helping children learn the alphabet, “Roxy Eats Her ABC’s” also features fun and interesting facts about the different foods that Roxy is eating. It aims to help children expand their imagination, learn new words and identify new foods.

RK Johnson is a children’s book author living in Southeast Wisconsin. The author also offers a free downloadable coloring book of “Roxy Eats Her ABC’s” for customers subscribed to the newsletter.

There are a range of benefits of reading to children. For instance, it can help with cognitive development, improve language skills, help prepare for academic success, improve and develop bonding with children and parents, increase concentration, help with imagination and creativity, and help to develop a love for reading.

One customer states: “I bought this book for my two year old and she loved it so much I bought an extra copy for her brother. At the end of the book, if you go to the website you get free coloring book pages which is great too. It’s a cute and educational story—I learned some fun facts as well. My kids can’t stop talking about Roxy.”

Go to https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08HX67777 for all the details you need.

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