EMS Disinfectants Supplier: Get Bulk Rates For Sani-Cloth & CaviCide Wipes

Apr 19, 2024

Get bulk-rate medical and dental supplies, manufactured and distributed right here in the US. SurgiMac carries the products you trust from brands like Metrex, PDI, and McKesson, with same-day shipping from coast-to-coast.

Over the last few years, the general public has had a bit of an awakening, learning about how much effort it takes to keep surfaces clean - but there's still no magic bullet, and it's still a battle we fight every day.

Luckily, it is a battle that we can win, but only with constant vigilance, constant cleaning, and of course, the right disinfectants.

To have the right disinfectant, you first need to know what pathogens you're trying to eliminate, how much time you have to kill them, and which products are effective against them. That's a tall order, I know - but there's a shortcut of course.

SurgiMac has a huge range of hospital-grade disinfectants, and each one is carefully explained in the description so that you know exactly what it can eliminate, and how long it takes. They also provide a few handy tips, such as suggesting which products are most likely to be safe for fabrics, medical equipment, or high-traffic areas.

Want to skip straight to the facts? You can see their full collection of disinfectants, with detailed descriptions, at https://surgimac.com/collections/surface-disinfectants

SurgiMac carries disinfectant wipes and sprays in bleach, alcohol, and hydrogen peroxide-based formulas, from all of the top medical supply brands, such as PDI and Metrex. They also provide detailed information about each product, from the manufacturer, and the EPA.

As a medical and dental supply, the company does work primarily with healthcare professionals, but they also understand that some people may want or need the same hospital-grade cleaning products for their home, office, or school. While some products are restricted, most items on the SurgiMac site can be purchased by individuals, with no registration required.

While disinfectants and certain supplies from SurgiMac are available to the general public, the company’s bulk rate service is only accessible to healthcare professionals that have registered for the program. It's easy to register on their website, and it will unlock the full range of products from SurgiMac as well as bulk rates for professionals. The full collection of authorized products from SurgiMac can be found at https://surgimac.com/collections/all

If you're having trouble finding the right product, you can always ask a SurgiMac representative for assistance. If they do not carry the product you want, they can help you to find something similar, or special order it for you.

To help combat the rise of Candida Auris, an emerging pathogen that can persist on surfaces in the healthcare environment for at least 14 days, SurgiMac suggests PDI Super Sani-Cloth Wipes, which the EPA has certified as capable of fully eliminating Candida Auris within two minutes of its application. These high-alcohol content wipes are fragrance-free and considered safe for most hard, non-porous surfaces.

If you need fast access to disinfectants, personal protective equipment, or surgical apparel, just use the SurgiMac same-day shipping service. This program allows you to have your order shipped the same day it is requested, from the SurgiMac warehouse nearest you, at no additional cost. All you have to do is place your order before Noon, EST.

A spokesperson for the company explained, “SurgiMac’s customers get access to top-quality medical and dental supplies at competitive prices. We are committed to offering unbeatable customer service, so customers have the assurance that our products have been carefully inspected and tested to provide optimized and reliable performance.”

In the fight against the spread of pathogens, we have both the tools and the technology to win.

SurgiMac can put those tools in your hand, fast.

They can also be incredibly affordable, just remember to sign up for their bulk-rate service at https://surgimac.com

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