Empowering Menopause Guidebook Helps Women Transition Naturally & With Joy

Apr 24, 2024

Are you a woman in your 40s or 50s struggling with hot flashes, night sweats, and mood swings? Betty Johansen’s new non-fiction book, coming to Amazon on April 25, 2024, will teach you how to thrive during menopause.

A lot of people see menopause as a tragic ending. If you're going through this vulnerable stage, you may find yourself unable to cope with the combined weight of incessant physical symptoms and emotional turmoil. “Dancing Through Menopause: Tame Hot Flashes, Boost Emotional Wellness, Achieve Weight Loss Goals, and Soar Naturally and Confidently into Your Best Years” by Betty Johansen challenges the narrative surrounding menopause, giving you a way to face this new stage of your life with confidence and joy.

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Feel Empowered Throughout Your Menopausal Journey

Betty Johansen wrote this book to empower and uplift women who are approaching or experiencing menopause.

In "Dancing Through Menopause”, menopause isn't an end but a new beginning, a natural transition that gives you the chance to find yourself and be rejuvenated.

Get Practical Advice On Physical & Emotional Wellness

Menopause is a biological process that brings a series of physical, mental, and emotional challenges, from hot flashes, night sweats, vaginal dryness, and urinary incontinence, to mood changes, depression, sleep issues, and more.

Betty Johansen's "Dancing Through Menopause" addresses all these challenges, giving you practical advice on nutritional habits, exercise routines, and mental health. With its holistic, positive approach, Johansen's book is both a reliable guide on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle and an uplifting, confidence boost.

"Dancing Through Menopause” speaks to you in an empathetic narrative voice, handling emotionally triggering topics with sensitivity and care. This way, you are not just seen, heard, and understood, you are comforted.

Challenge The Narrative Around Menopause

Betty Johansen is a retired science teacher, author, and owner of a blog called Eagerly Waiting. Born and raised in West Texas, she began her career as a medical doctor, and made multiple transitions from bookkeeper to newspaper copy editor, before settling into being a teacher. Passionate about mystery stories, Johansen has written books like Lilli’s Song, Darkness Under His Feet, and Hawaiian Wildflower. By writing "Dancing Through Menopause", the West Texan author hopes to help menopausal women embrace aging with grace and vigor.

“Dancing Through Menopause is not just a title; it’s a perspective, a philosophy. It challenges the narrative around menopause, turning what many perceive as an end into a beautiful new beginning. It’s a proactive guide to confidence, empowerment, and radiance—a celebration of the dance of life, with all its ups and downs, its rhythms and changes,” said Betty Johansen.

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