Emergency Dog Clinic in Encinitas, CA Releases New Report on Handling Pet Trauma

Jun 25, 2021

Drake Center for Veterinary Care is an emergency dog clinic in Encinitas, California. It released a report on what you need to do in a dog emergency and how to calm your pet while you drive them to a clinic.

Accidents happen, but what do you do when they happen to your pet? If your dog is suffering from trauma or a life-threatening condition, you need the best emergency veterinarian in Encinitas!

Drake Center for Veterinary Care in Encinitas, California, releases a new report on what to do in a dog emergency. The clinic specializes in emergency veterinary care and advises you on the immediate steps you should take before bringing your dog to a clinic.

Read the full report at https://www.thedrakecenter.com/services/dogs/emergency-dog-clinic

The newly released report guides you on what you need to do right after noticing your dog is injured and bringing them to an emergency veterinary clinic. The report states that many pets can mask their symptoms and you may not notice that your dog is sick until the condition is life-threatening.

The most concerning symptom that would require immediate veterinary attention is difficulties in breathing. This is the most serious of all non-trauma-related injuries and can lead to respiratory arrest or even death if not treated quickly.

If you notice this, try to remain calm and do your best to ease the panic of your dog. You should then call for the emergency veterinary services of Drake Center at (760) 456-9556. 

The clinic is open seven days a week, with a stand-by doctor-on-call until 10 pm each night. In some cases, the dog emergency may require going directly to a 24-hour emergency facility instead of to a clinic. Drake Center assesses your dog’s condition through phone and will advise you on the most appropriate care.

Drake Center writes that the rule of thumb for emergency pet care is to err on the side of caution. Because dogs mask their symptoms well, it is difficult to determine the severity of their condition.

A satisfied pet parent wrote, “The Drake Center doctors have the compassion and humanity to also deal with their patients’ human guardians, many of whom are often stressed by their pet’s condition. The staff is a conscientious and well-trained team that is both accommodating and knowledgeable.”

Go to https://www.thedrakecenter.com to learn more! 

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