“Elliot’s Perfect Picnic” Introduces Phonics & Phrases To Babies & Toddlers

Jul 1, 2022

Do you know a little one who loves storytime? Entertain and educate them with the new children’s book ‘Elliot’s Perfect Picnic.’

Looking for a fun way to share quality time and build that special bond between you and your child? Enjoy some togetherness and fun with this new book – laughs guaranteed all ’round!

“Elliot’s Perfect Picnic” is available now during National Picnic Month in July. What better way to celebrate than having a picnic and reading a fun book with your little one?

You can find more information can at: https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/elliots-perfect-picnic-deb-munson/1140923671

Written by Mark & Deb Munson, “Elliot’s Perfect Picnic” is an early reader book that aims to help tots learn new words and phrases. It is designed to kickstart phonics learning and uses “nonsense” words to help young children discover the relationships between sounds and letters.

Illustrated by international artist MEimo, the book features bright, colorful artwork making it inviting for young children.

Specifically created to improve your little one’s reading skills, the book uses easy-to-understand language and playful rhymes to make it fun and engaging. At 20 pages, the book is ideal for children who may find it challenging to sit and listen for long periods. “Elliot’s Perfect Picnic” makes reading enjoyable and enables children to independently sound out new words they discover while reading the text.

Available in hardback or NOOK format, the book follows the story of Elliot and his dog Appa as they embark on a picnic adventure. After exploring the park and chasing a squirrel up a tree, the duo soon discovers that sharing their delicious picnic meal makes it more enjoyable.

“Elliot’s Perfect Picnic” can be purchased online from Barnes & Noble, Target, Amazon, and Walmart. It is also available at many other online bookstores.

Satisfied reader J. Laughlin states, “The authors’ clever use of invented words that rhyme with Elliot made us laugh. Bright, colorful, and detailed illustrations complement the text conveying all the fun and adventure.”

Sit down with your little one and get their imagination going; start their love of books early with Seriously Scrappy Studios!

Ready to whisk your child away on a picnic adventure? Visithttps://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/elliots-perfect-picnic-deb-munson/1140923671

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