Elite Group & Team Soccer Skill Development Training Camps In Suffolk County

Jan 12, 2024

Does your kid want the opportunity to become a top notch soccer player? Then sign them up for professional training with Long Island Sports Training’s elite soccer training programs in Suffolk County!

Are you a soccer mom who wants your child to achieve their dreams? Maybe you’re a soccer dad who finds joy in seeing your kids running around and staying active. You could even be a soccer coach at a school who’s looking for ways to improve the whole team. Regardless of what your relationship with the sport is, Long Island Sports Training’s latest soccer training programs will help your young soccer players achieve a level of play that will awe even the pros! So if you’ve got some goals you want to score, then it’s time to sign up!

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Soccer, a Beloved Sport

Soccer is fun. A lot of kids seem to think so too. According to Long Island Sports Training, soccer is one of the easiest and most common sports for children to adopt, and this is reflected in the number of high school and college programs provided to players who wish to pursue a career in the sport.

Elite Training for Elite Players-To-Be

Naturally, with so many kids getting into soccer, competition to play at the pro level is pretty fierce. Entrance into the aforementioned programs often requires a high level of proficiency, which is why Long Island Sports Training is offering their soccer training services to help young athletes develop their skills. 

These services are available to youths aged seven and older and involve instruction in the fundamentals of the sport. For applicants in grades 9 to 12, the company also offers a 30-day strength, speed, and conditioning plan specifically designed to prepare soccer players for the start of the season and maintain their fitness for high-level performance throughout the period.

Does your kid already know how to play soccer? That’s fine too. Players who already have some experience with the sport can also make use of Long Island Sports Training’s dynamic training, which will focus on improving performance in specific areas. 

The company’s experienced coaches can help players with shooting, with training plans designed to increase the velocity and accuracy of both feet

They can also work to improve a player’s dribbling, as this is a vital skill in putting pressure on the opposing team’s defenses. 

Someone who’s good at both will be a star player on your team…and an absolute terror to the opponents!

Of course, shooting and scoring aren’t all there is to soccer, which is why the training programs will also cover other key aspects of the sport in depth, including trapping, field vision, ball control, passing, defensive positioning, and more. You could say that they really cover all the bases! What? Wrong sport? Oops…

College Readiness

Aspiring soccer players often dream of playing at the collegiate level. Long Island Sports Training recognizes this ambition and tailors its programs to align with the requirements of college soccer. From honing skills scouts look for to understanding the intensity of collegiate play, participants are equipped with the tools needed to make a seamless transition to the next level.

Emphasis on Mental Toughness

Elite soccer goes beyond physical prowess; mental resilience is equally crucial. Long Island Sports Training integrates mental toughness training into its programs, empowering players to navigate the pressures of competitive play with confidence. This holistic approach ensures that athletes not only excel on the field but also maintain a resilient mindset crucial for success at higher levels.

About Long Island Sports Training

Committed to boosting athletes’ aptitudes for the sports they are interested in pursuing, Long Island Sports Training draws upon the experience of their certified veteran coaches to deliver elite training to applicants to all of their programs. 

“We look forward to helping you pursue your athletic or fitness goals by providing elite sports and personal training services to all ages and fitness levels,” says a spokesperson for the company.

Long Island Sports Training is here to bring out the true potential of young soccer players in Suffolk County and beyond, and they’re good at it, too. Their laundry list of certifications speaks for itself! So if you want to gear up your team, or maybe score some points when it comes time to go pro, then this is the training program to go for.

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