Eliminate Symptoms of Major Depression At Ketamine Infusion Clinic Near Malibu

Jan 4, 2024

Are you looking for a trusted ketamine therapy clinic in Malibu, CA? Then look no further than Chrysalis Ketamine (888-836-4334) – the path towards health and happiness.

You may have heard of ketamine, but did you know it has recently been making headlines for a different reason? Ketamine is now being used to treat major depression where other, more conventional anti-depressant medications, have failed. If you have been struggling to see any positive effects from traditional treatment, it might be time to try something different with Chrysalis Ketamine’s ketamine infusion therapy. 

You're not alone

The need for alternative forms of treatment comes as US depression rates reach record levels, with Mental Health America reporting that major depressive disorder is now affecting more than 8% (21 million) of American adults each year. Treatment-resistant depression affects approximately 30% of these individuals, impelling them to seek alternative treatment options. If you are in the same boat, Chrysalis Ketamine’s infusion therapy can help you deal with your symptoms of major depression, where other forms of treatment have let you down.

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The clinic’s ketamine treatment provides rapid relief from symptoms of major depression. As explained by Dr Karpanian, the clinic's founder, major depressive disorder (MDD) has fundamental differentiators from everyday depression, notably in its persistent nature. “Some sufferers may only experience a depressive episode once, but for most, depression will linger and bring on many episodes throughout one’s life.”

What are the symptoms of major depression?

During depressive episodes, you may suffer from a range of symptoms:

  • Persistent feelings of hopelessness,
  • Unexplained physical aches and pains
  • Frequent bouts of tearfulness
  • Fatigue and depleted energy
  • Suicidal thoughts

Dr Karpanian’s ketamine infusion treatment helps with these symptoms of major depression by rapidly boosting the neurotransmitter glutamate in the brain. “The promptness of ketamine in yielding an antidepressant effect occurs because this drug bypasses the conventional serotonin path and goes straight to switching on glutamate,” explains Dr Karpanian.

Unlike traditional antidepressants, which boost serotonin levels before acting on glutamate, ketamine therapy can provide almost instantaneous relief from depressive symptoms. No more endless waiting for the effects to kick in!

Treatment of severe MDD may require multiple ketamine therapy sessions over an extended period. The experienced team at Chrysalis Ketamine will work with you to determine the best treatment plan and schedule to meet your individual needs.

Dr Karpanian recommends undergoing ketamine infusion treatment alongside talk therapy to enhance your healing. “The process works best when approached holistically,” he states. “Good social support, supplemental and complementary therapy from your therapist or psychiatrist along with good sleep, diet and exercise are very important.”

Chrysalis Ketamine uses ketamine infusion therapy to treat a wide range of other mental health conditions including anxiety, OCD, bipolar disorder, and PTSD. Ketamine can also be used to treat chronic pain conditions such as fibromyalgia and CRPS.

You don't need to suffer alone. Book your consultation today with Chrysalis Ketamine and kick-start your road to recovery.

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