Eliminate Parvovirus & Other Harmful Bacteria Using ProVetLogic’s Kennel and Turf Care

Apr 3, 2017

Professional animal care providers can now eliminate harmful bacteria from all surfaces in their kennel, including pet turf and porous concrete using Kennel and Turf Care. This newly released ProVetLogic product is easy-to-use and efficiently cleans and sterilises pet and animal areas safely.

ProVetLogic.com Kennel and Turf Care ProVetLogic, a manufacturer of pet and animal care products that promote safe environments, based in Scottsboro, Alabama, has released Kennel and Turf Care, an enzymatic synthetic pet turf and concrete cleaner and deodorizer. This product is ideal for kennels, dog runs and play areas and removes odorand harmful bacteria, keeping pets and animals safer from viruses and other illnesses.

More information is available at http://provetlogic.com.

ProVetLogic's Kennel and Turf Care is a high performance, synthetic pet turf and concrete floor cleaning product that gets into cracks and crevices. This product uses patent-pending technology that effectively removes stains and soils from kennel floor and other porous surfaces.

By penetrating porous floor surfaces Kennel and Turf Care degrades and eliminates organic matter, such as food spills, animal waste, and other organic materials that accumulate over time. Kennel and Turf Care eliminates odor, controls toxic ammonia, and the product has a pleasant smell making kennels and pet areas smell fresh and clean.

Non-toxic and environmentally friendly, ProVetLogic's Kennel and Turf Care is also easy to use and promotes animal health so professional animal care providers know that their animals are in healthy environments every day.

Leading manufacturers of synthetic pet turf recommend the product, as it prevents unhygienic build-up of pet waste and debris.

Kennel and Turf Care cleans in two ways. First, the product's advanced cleaning action penetrates porous floor surfaces and eliminates harmful bacteria. Second, as a bio-enzymatic, Kennel and Turf Care continues to work after use so that floor drains and soil collection traps stay hygienic.

ProVetLogic supports professional animal care providers by assisting them to maintain their facilities, prevent disease and control environmental hazards such as Parvovirus.

The company has introduced an educational support team and educational videos to train workers on how to use its line of Disease Prevention and Odor Control products in the Professional Environment.

The educational videos are available at this link: http://provetlogic.com/online-training-courses.

When asked about Kennel and Turf Care, a ProVetLogic spokesperson said, “Many people mistakenly believe that bleach is an effective disinfectant that kills pathogens, such as Parvovirus. We now know that the concentrations of bleach being used are not high enough. Plus, bleach can be harmful to animals and pets, especially cats.”

More information on Kennel and Turf Care is available at the website above.

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