Elevate Your Sleep Experience with Luxurious Mayfairsilk Champagne Silk Bed Set

May 30, 2024

Get the rest you deserve in Mayfairsilk’s ultra-luxurious silk bed sheets! Shop different designs, for example, an elegant Oxford duvet set in champagne that will take your sleep to the next level.

Enhance Your Sleep With Mayfairsilk's Pure Silk Sheets

What's as soft as a cloud, has minimal impact on the environment, and will make you sleep like a baby? Mayfairsilk's pure silk sheets! Choose from their gorgeous sets, or mix and match your favorites and enjoy your sleep in ultimate luxury.

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Mayfairsilk's bedding is made of premium 100% pure Mulberry silk in 22-momme with 6A-grade fibers. The sheets have breathable and temperature-regulating features, offering a luxurious sleep experience all seasons of the year.

Design and Quality 

Mayfairsilk was founded with the idea of merging the highest quality of silk with design. In the selection, you can find everything from a classic Oxford duvet set in champagne and an elegant midnight blue set to exotic prints.

"Our vision was to weave the elegance and allure of European designs with the natural splendour of silk, offering an unparalleled sleep experience that transcends the ordinary," a spokesperson for the company said. "Mayfairsilk is more than just exquisite bedding; it is a celebration of self-care and your well-deserved indulgence in better sleep."

Silk Vs Cotton

While cotton is the most common bedding material, silk is superior for health and sleep quality. For example, silk is, in contrast to cotton, resistant to mould and mites and helps maintain natural moisture in both skin and hair.

Furthermore, Mayfairsilk's Mulberry silk sheets only emit 34 kg CO2 per tonne of silk produced, compared to cotton, which has a significantly greater environmental impact, at 27,680 kg CO2 per tonne. The silk is produced without pesticides, fungicides, or other harmful toxins, and Mayfairsilk sources the material from producers that have incorporated circular practices.

Bedding Set in Luxurious Champagne

In addition to the champagne bedding set with classic Oxford border on the duvet and pillowcases, Mayfairsilk has a range of other options in the collection of silk bed sheets. For example, pastel blue and a teal and ivory set, as well as duvets with elegant details.

A happy customer shared a testimonial: "Absolutely love Mayfairsilk! Been using their silk pillowcases for almost a year, and they've done wonders for my skin and hair! They also help me sleep better in the warmer weather and feel so luxurious!"

About Mayfairsilk

The company was founded by husband and wife Marcus Ubl and Darshana Ubl in 2020. In the past four years, Mayfairsilk has been awarded 'Silk Bedding Company of the Year', 'Innovation and Excellence Award for Bedding Brand of the Year' and more.

>>Get award-winning sheets athttps://mayfairsilk.com/collections/silk-bed-sheets

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