Elegant Glass Photo Box With Custom Engraving To Deliver Wedding Photos In Style

Dec 2, 2023

Make the packaging part of the experience when you deliver wedding photos! Lux Heirloom’s premium glass boxes with optional custom laser engravings are the perfect way to add a bit of luxury and class to your clients.

Imagine you're buying any pricey item: a fancy pair of high heels or a laptop you've been eyeing since it was launched, and at the register, the cashier takes it out of its packaging and throws it in a plastic bag. Wouldn't that take down the whole buyer experience a bit for you? Interestingly, that's how many people receive their wedding photos: on a standard, black USB without any personalization.

I get it; as a freelancer, you have plenty to do without coming up with some unique packaging. But what if I told you that it's all taken care of, and you can easily offer an upsell product that makes the delivery of the photos into its own little event? 

That's exactly what Lux Heirloom offers!

In their selection, you can find luxury glass box packaging designed for professional photographers who want to add a personal and elegant touch to the end product. Your clients will feel even more special, and you'll feel happy knowing that you delivered above and beyond their expectations! Check out https://www.luxheirloom.com/ to see these beautiful boxes for yourself. 

The founders behind Lux Heirloom have 13 years of experience as wedding photographers and understand that as rewarding as it is to be a self-employed photographer, it's also a tiresome profession that requires the ability to handle many different tasks daily. With the exclusive boxes, the company wants to offer wedding photographers a simple way to establish themselves as a premier brand and boost business growth.

Among the different options, you can find a stunning glass box with rose gold edges for delivering printed photographs with laser-engraved prints. Lux Heirloom has come up with a few pre-made suggestions like the couple's name or "Our special day." It also has a customizable option, allowing you to add your logo or artwork to make the package even more unique. The box also comes with a beautiful USB for the digital copies to be delivered in a special way. 

Lux Heirloom also offers custom metal dies for photographers who plan on using linen or velvet box packaging. The company will help with sizing the logo and keep the dies at the shop for future orders. The linen and velvet boxes are a more affordable option, with magnetic closure and a slot for USB flash drives. The best part? When you have your custom die ready in the shop, you can shorten delivery from 7-9 business days to as little as two days, meaning your clients will receive the photos they've been eagerly awaiting.

Additionally, Lux Heirloom offers a luxurious glass shadow box with or without engraving for the display of photos or other memorabilia and interesting items. The selection also extends to different options for USBs with a maple, walnut or crystal shell. Anything you need to make your services stand out!

Go to https://www.luxheirloom.com/ to learn more!

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