Electrify Alternative Medicine Google Rankings in Denver with High Voltage Ads

Nov 27, 2020

Summary: In today’s challenging economy we aim to provide you and your business with every marketing solution that you need under one roof. Our goal is simple. To maximize the ROI for you and if we don’t you pay us nothing! So what’s to lose? Let’s get to work!

Attention business owners! If you are a business owner in the Denver or surrounding areas, it’s time we have a talk. We may be strangers to you in the literal sense. But in the world of business we can without a doubt become your best friend. We’ve been where you are, and felt how you feel. 2020 has affected us all in some way shape or form. However, we feel that in the midst of these tumultuous turbulent times there are cascading evolutions waiting to be had. What happens when one evolution leads to another, then another, until ultimately evolutions begin to multiply at an exponential rate? This is what we call a revolution. Revolutions are born during times of unbelievable strife and adversity. Pioneers are those that take charge in rising from the ashes to lead these revolutions. 

If you remember one thing from our conversation today, remember this:

Remember, remember the 5th of November. For November 5th, 2020 dawns the evolution of virtuoso visionaries pioneering a soon to be business revolution. Before this day we operated solely under code name “V.” 

Take a moment and ask yourself, “what does “V” mean to me?” 

To us “V” is the most vital and virtuous letter in marketing today. It serves as no coincidence that “V” is also the first letter of the most powerful word in marketing. That word being “volition.” 

With more clever marketing “noise” than ever attempting to grab our attention in every which way; we subscribe or unsubscribe under our own volition. We choose things we see, things we feel, things we trust, and ultimately things we understand. Which begs the question as a business owner; how do you most effectively broadcast your voice and visibility to those that need to hear it and see it most? How do you garner the attention of your customers so that they can feel your story, and understand your mission? After all the best product or service serves little to no purpose if it cannot be seen, heard, and experienced by those individuals it was designed for. 

Enticing their volition is the name of the game. And Volo is your secret password to doing just that. 

By the way, what is Volo? Clearly it’s the name of our brand. But to us it’s more than a brand, more than a company title. Volo is our mission. 

Volo is the Latin derivative of volition. Quite simply volition is to will, and to wish. Volo is all encompassing of what we intend to do in the world of marketing. 

Volo: “Verification of your voice and visibility validated & venerated via vindicating the vicissitudes which violate your volition, thus vehemently vying for verve & valor onward and forward to a vitally virtuous & valiant victory.”

See, there is that letter again. See for yourself. 

Do you want learn how to ignite the growth of your alternative, holistic medical practice in the near future? Are you looking for a system that can make your story, voice, and brand visible on search engine pages? If you need a simple battle tested marketing campaign that can help you maximize your online exposure and visibility and 3X. . . no, even 10X your profitability, check out this Denver marketing offer from us at Volo Business Revolutions. 

Ahhhh. . .here you are, under your own volition, still reading. Good, because it gets better. This is going to work for you!


Digital marketing agency Volo provides innovative media exposure for all types of alternative and holistic medical practices, and practitioners in and around Denver, as well as up and down the I-25 corridor. We are a talented driven creative team led by two brothers in arms, who are on a mission to help all businesses under the umbrella of holistic health to include, but not limited to functional medicine, ayurvedic medicine, eastern medicine, homeopathy, chiropractic, naturopathic,massage therapy, acupuncture, physical therapy, yoga, reiki, meditation, all the way to the emergence of natural healing products such as full spectrum hemp, CBD and even THC. 

So what makes Volo Business Revolutions so revolutionary? Well let’s face it, in this digital social age everyone is a “publisher” or “social media expert.” So many marketing gurus giving you the lists of social media platforms that “you should be on” along with a protocol of “when and how often to post to each of them.” But if your strategy is simply to follow the masses, won’t you just get lost in the crowd, somewhere in the rat race?

Here at Volo, we don’t just “follow the trends.” We blaze the paths that create new ones. And that four letter secret password V**O get’s you exclusive access to high leverage brand name media sites like NBC, Fox News, CBS, Google News, and high traffic blogs; audio ads directories like Podbean & Google Podcasts; video platforms like YouTube & Vimeo, SlideShare as well as social media to boost your brand reputation and grow your business. 

By combining our High Voltage local ad campaigns with your healing abilities we will add instant credibility, authority, and expert status to your message and your purpose.. That’s how you stand out from the crowd. As aforementioned, anyone can throw up a post on social media, but only those with that secret four letter password can be featured on the shoulders of media giants. Because let’s face it. You are different. You chose a less than common career path that some folks like to call “alternative.” And at the end of the day you chose the path that you thought would be most powerful and effective as a healer. You just need that opportunity to show new clients what you can do. In turn, by giving us the opportunity to show you what we can do the game of healing in the Denver and surrounding areas can be revolutionized today and moving forward.

It is your purpose as a healer to heal those that need to be healed. It is our purpose as media professionals to connect you the healer to those that need to be healed. Focus on what you do best and allow us to do the rest. Our community needs us now more than ever!

If you see things as we see them. If you feel as we feel, then lets talk at: https://volo.clientcabin.com/

“Vi veri veniversum vivus vici.” ~ V

Find us on:

Home website: https://www.volo2020.com/

Youtube: https://youtu.be/TuaxkUy_M24

Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/483879196

SlideShare: https://www.slideshare.net/FrancisKane3/electrify-alternative-medicine-google-rankings-in-denver-with-high-voltage-ads 

PodBean: https://ubcnewsworld.podbean.com/e/denver-based-media-firm-revolutionizes-exposure-for-holistic-practices-launches/

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