Edinburgh’s Top House Extension Company Adds Wraparound Kitchens & Living Areas

Jan 13, 2024

If you want more living space, but moving is out of the question, consider getting a house extension from the experts at Edinburgh, UK all-trades building company New Haven Building Company (0131 370 1623)!

Thanks to modern technology, adding an extension to your house is relatively simple and affordable. When completing a job like this, there is no better contractor than New Haven Building Company!

The Edinburgh, UK, all-trades building contractor offers a wide range of house extension options designed to add space to your property and increase curb appeal. In addition to house extensions, the company provides several other home renovation services, including loft conversions, structural alterations, and room remodelling.

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Why House Extensions?

According to The Times, a record number of over 250,000 house extension and improvement projects were approved last year in the UK. This is mainly due to the pandemic, which caused many homeowners to delay their renovation and remodelling projects. The unaffordability of the housing market has also led many people to invest in their properties rather than buy new ones. New Haven Building Company's services will help meet this growing contractor demand.

Extensions are also cost-effective to add more living space to your home and improve its look, feel, and function. Furthermore, depending on the extension type, your property's value can increase by as much as 25%.

What Kinds Of House Extensions Does the New Haven Building Company Offer?

"At New Haven Building Company, we're well-known for our many rear, side, wraparound, and over-structure home extension options," explained a spokesperson for the company. "Whether your home is single or double-storey, we can add kitchens, dining areas, bedrooms, lofts, conservatories, and several other features."

What Does The Process Entail?

Because house extensions often require planning permission and consent, New Haven Building Company will help you start by obtaining them if needed. However, if you have already received them, the project can move directly to the design and build phases.

During the design phase, New Haven Building Company will meet with you to discuss various topics, including your ambitions for the project, what style of architecture you're interested in, and your budget. From there, they will create layouts, blueprints, and renderings of how your extension will look that you can edit and adjust until you're ready to sign off on them.

Once you've signed off on the design, New Haven Building Company will schedule a period to complete the build. Depending on the size and complexity of the extension and the availability of materials, this could be anywhere from a few days to a few weeks or months. Upon completion of the job, a final walkthrough is done to ensure you're satisfied with the work.

"We had an excellent experience with Ross and his team at New Haven Building Company," said a satisfied client. "They did an excellent job relocating our kitchen, transforming our dining room into a kitchen-diner, and creating a new study where our old galley kitchen was. The job involved some tricky drainage and pipe work, which they did without a hitch. We can't recommend them enough."

How To Hire?

New Haven Building Company provides no-obligation quotes for all of its projects by phone, email, or the service request form on its website.

Visit https://newhavenbuildingcompany.co.uk and extend your home today!

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