Eco-Friendly Water-Based Parts Washers From Vital Manufacturing Inc.

Apr 30, 2021

A water-based parts washer is an environmentally-friendly way to increase productivity in manufacturing and industrial businesses. Vital Manufacturing Inc. has breakthrough technology and three models of water-based parts washers that will satisfy any business need.

A water-based parts washer is an environmentally-friendly way to increase productivity in manufacturing and industrial businesses. With a high efficiency cleaning system that doesn’t use any harmful chemicals, water-based parts washers save time, labor, energy, and ultimately, cut down the costs associated with workpiece maintenance. 

Parts washers were first developed in the 1960’s to replace the inefficient functionality of a soak tank. Soak tanks were previously used in automotive transmission and engine repair shops to clean the workpieces needed for engine installation. Parts would be submerged in a mixture of water and detergent for hours as the grease, grime, and oil would soften, becoming easier to manually remove.

Once introduced, parts washers quickly took the place of soak tanks. But the problem with using a parts washer in the 1960’s was that it used harmful and toxic chemicals, and those chemicals came with their own set of inefficiencies and issues. Companies rid themselves of the soak tank hardships, but now required constant record keeping and manifesting, hazardous materials handling charges, and also the usage of PPE when managing the parts washer or solvent. 

In 1971, Gary Minkin was the first to develop a parts washer that heavily relied on water, rather than chemicals. He coined the term aqueous-based parts washer, which is now better known as the water-based parts washer. This method of washing parts used force, in the form of hydraulic impact pressure, instead of chemical reactions when degreasing automobile parts. The water-based parts washer became further popularized in the 1980’s after chlorinated solvents were completely banned due to environmental and safety concerns. Anyone using a solvent-based parts washer was now in the market for a water-based one. 

Water-based parts washers also rely on higher cleaning temperatures. The combination of high heat with vigorous water pressure has since become the most effective method of grease and grime removal. Additionally, the high heat doubles the chemical reaction of the detergent used in the parts washer, breaking down the molecules at a faster rate. 

Viral Manufacturing Inc. has developed three models of water-based parts washers that provide the best value and the safest usage in the industry. 

Their VPW-1924 has the smallest footprint of their three water-based parts washers, packing an efficient punch for its relatively small size. This model has a 19″ turn-table, a working height of 24”, and a roll-in door. It can also accommodate Small Parts Baskets, Hanging Trees, Dual Tables/Baskets, and Large Part Vertical Support Racks. The VPW-1924 water-based parts washer is ideal for automotive facilities and machine shops.

With a 30” turn-table and a working height of 40”, Vital Manufacturing Inc. has a water-based parts washer model that is the perfect size for almost any part washing job. This model is their VPW-3040, and is a completely hassle-free operation. This model can be programmed to run overnight or during off-hours with no supervision. 

Their VPW-4260 model, a water-based parts washer suited for larger, industrial needs, has built-in 7-day timers so you have complete control of workflows and procedures. With a 2,500 lb turntable capacity, Vital Manufacturing Inc,’s largest water-based parts washer features a 42” turn-table and 60” working height.

A water-based parts washer is a safe alternative to a solvent-based parts washer, and avoids all inefficiencies and unnecessary procedures that come with using harmful chemicals in your operations. Vital Manufacturing Inc. is an environmentally-responsible choice for washing anything from nuts, bolts, and screws to diesel engines and wind turbine gearboxes.

Contact them today for a quote on any water-based parts washer model. 

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